Daily: 20th July 2010

20 July, 2010 at 00:04 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Hiya, me again. Marilene is busy having a new internet connection installed as part of a deal that comes with sports on cable, a wise choice if I may say so, and as supersub I'm filling in although I can't promise quite so many bulletpoints.

  • I have the week off work and yesterday I did practically nothing, which was really relaxing! A bit of cleaning, a few odd jobs and a lot of watching ITV4's hour-long Tour de France highlights on the ITV Player, I got through four stages! It has developed into quite the head-to-head psychological battle between Spain's Alberto Contador (very Alonso-like in attitude) and Luxembourg's Andy Schleck (reminds me of Vettel - it's the hair), the rest keep trying but it keeps boiling down to these two. Thankfully the sport is much cleaner than it used to be so I don't feel as bad about watching as I did a few years ago.
  • The other parallel to F1 in Le Tour is the return of the king - but for Michael Schumacher, read Lance Armstrong. Both are 7-time winners of their sport's biggest prize, yet both are putting in entirely anonymous performances that can't even be described as embarrassing because nobody pays them any attention. Lance is rolling in several minutes behind those he used to beat fairly easily, which is equivalent to Schumacher taking the flag up to a minute behind the likes of Button and Alonso - which is exactly what he's doing, of course.
  • Perhaps this fall is why the might of Pedro de la Rosa - who according the Rankings has done nothing notable all year - ran Schumacher surprisingly close in yesterday's Character Cup, which I'd expected to be a walkover given the number of MS fans around! Be sure to vote and comment (in the respective thread) on today's battle between Lewis Hamilton and Vitantonio Liuzzi.
  • As yesterday was Monday it was time for the weekly update to Christine's Rankings, as well as the Tweets of the Week, all done while sorting out a house move. I don't know where you get the energy! Mr C has been busy recording a new podcast with Joe Saward, so look forward to a new Aside With Joe appearing over the next day or so, I certainly am.
  • Lukeh has asked an interesting question - Who is your Who? Pick the Doctor Who you most identify with, the one you feel IS the Doctor. I'm having trouble deciding.
  • Everybody is cordially invited to Sidepodpubbing - August 2010. This was formerly known as 'Pre-Spa drinks' but I got the impression everyone took that to mean it was just for the holiday people, when really it was always intended to be a chance for everyone to catch up with each other, and some of the race-goers just happen to be there too. I made a Wiki page with all the info so just leave a note there if you have any questions and please do let us know on that page if you can make it. Like I say there, this is your chance to meet some of those flying in from around the world!
  • Speaking of Spa, in order to move the planning out of the comments, Lou and I have been working to make the Wiki more suitable, and Lou also set up a Google Wave (I think we've finally found a use for it because it is working swimmingly at the moment - we'll let you know how it goes). If you've got any Spa thoughts please leave them here, or if you're thinking of joining us last-minute you can use these three pages. Alternatively give us a shout and we'll add you to the Wave!

Finally, I'm sure you'll join me in wishing a happy birthday to former Minardi driver Alex Yoong.

Heh, turns out I found quite a bit to link to, after all..

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