Daily: 20th February 2011

20 February, 2011 at 02:33 (GMT)

By Lou

Hey everyone! I’m not going to start with my usual countdown to the Bahrain GP because as I’m sure you all know there is currently a question mark over whether or not it will happen. Instead I will simply say this;

The start of the 2011 season may be in 21 days… or…. Possibly 33 days!

If you’re getting a bit down at the thought of another month of off season (although it’s completely understandable given the circumstances) here’s a cute little cartoon to brighten your day.

I thought I’d start the day with a big collection of photography links for you all to enjoy.;

- Haven’t you always wanted to camouflage like this?

- Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you put hundreds of boring tourist photos of the same place together?

- how awesome are 360 panoramas?

- Remember that beloved photographic effect tiltshift? Well here are some awesome examples.

- Black and white photographs can be really stunning, here are some examples.

-Lastly lets finish with some just plain beautiful images.

Oh, maybe we should talk about f1 for a bit.. Vettel was fastest again in testing yesterday.

Moving on..lastly..

I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to do next Sunday's daily, would anyone like to take over for a week and do a guest daily? Any cover would be appreciated!

Podcast of the Week

My podcast of the week is a video podcast. Infact it's the first F1 video (i think!) that our favourite sidepodcast couple created for us all.


I’ll also leave you with some uplifting and cute sayings. Have a lovely day!

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