Daily: 1st June 2010

1 June, 2010 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Marilene Riddle

It had been an exciting weekend of racing, so now perhaps we can finally catch our breath and discuss the aftermath. Plenty of opinions have been flying around the paddock, as well as here on Sidepodcast, so let us get to it:

  • First of all, jump right into the Vettel-Webber debate. Mark is winning the votes here, though the result on formula1.com offers a more balanced view. I still maintain that neither were at fault since the Red Bull team was the one that truly screwed up.
  • All of us have our own opinions so just go down the list: Leigh, Australian media, Adam Cooper, Joe Saward, Autosport and me. Alianora also has updated on engine usage this season.
  • F1 wasn't the only racing around as there was also Rally Portugal and Indianapolis 500. Both Sebastiens had a better time in rallying than poor Vettel did in F1, but I'll let Lady Snowcat tell you more about that. #waitspatiently
  • In the meantime, you can always reread Leigh's guest post or Sports Illustrated on the American race. Pressdog also offers injury updates.
  • Christine is hard at work on her film post and rankings Karun loses a point!
  • Jake does a video blog that is quite entertaining, if a little biased. ;)
  • I update on my trip round the Marina Bay circuit. Plenty of pictures ahead.
  • A very happy birthday to Alison! (wow 2 birthdays in a row on my post). She wants a cake like this, but I imagine this or this would be much cuter.

It is going to be a quiet week since there is no F1 (and rallying takes a 5 week break o.O). But thankfully I have tennis and the upcoming World Cup to keep me occupied. For the rest of you who solely like motorsports, I hope the raging Red Bull debate will do. See you in the debates here.

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