Daily: 1st January 2009

1 January, 2009 at 00:00 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

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It's arrived! No more nostalgia from us, we can now look forward to the year ahead with anticipation and I would almost say glee. There is no excuse for quiet F1 news days anymore, either, with launches happening throughout the month, then testing, then the season begins. I get ahead of myself, though. Here's what's going on at the moment.

  • Hamilton has made the New Year's honours list, meaning the Queen is bestowing him with an MBE. Although we're questioning some of the awards given out, it has been noted that of the racing drivers given awards, Hamilton seems to have been handed the lowest. Plenty of time for him to become a Sir yet, though.
  • Kubica has said that any positive comments about his driving ability through 2008 are all very nice but they don't mean anything. He's got his heart set on the title, and only the title will be good enough. Them's fighting words.
  • Scott Woodwiss has come up with a way for us to pass the time if news does slow down. He's set up a Sidepodcast Batracer game. You can join in the fun here, and Scott has written a great guide on the Wiki. We know nothing about Batracer but are prepared to have a go and make fools of ourselves along the way. Join in, won't you?

All that's left to be said is a big Happy New Year to everyone who visits Sidepodcast regularly, or on a more infrequent basis. We love you all, and here's to 2009.

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