Daily: 1st December 2009

1 December, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Lewis

Happy December, all! Yes, the last month has arrived. I hope you are going to have a chocolatey breakfast.

It's Lewis from the comments (Mr C's No 1 fan!). Here's some news that I found:

  • Manor have been officially taken over by Virgin and will now be known as Virgin Racing. (There is a joke I would add, but I think it would be a tad inappropriate!)
  • Canada's back! I am so happy! This is the only circuit where there are actually incidents on the track instead of boring processions.
  • In Sidepodnews, don't forget to join in the fun for the 2009 Sidepodchristmas Carol. This year, it is Jingle Bells and you can see mine, Christine's and everybody else's lyrics on the wiki. We've had some lyrics about Rubens, about the Brawn rise to glory, and about Bernie's grip on the weather. We need more, and we also need voices! Pick up the phone and call!!

I think that will do. I hope your chocolate will be tasty, and have a merry Christmas. Tell us what you plan to do over the festive period, and as ever, Christine shall see you in the comments (and you might see me too!)

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