Daily: 1st April 2011

1 April, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: Baby Penguins. Why? Why not!

Credit: UKTV

Baby Penguins. Why? Why not!

Pinch, punch, first of the month! No returns! Can you believe it's April already? 2011 appears to be zooming through it's cycle really quite quickly. I'm sure that the years seems to feel quicker as you grow older. Nevertheless, it it once again a Friday so I'd better get you a few things to read for today's Daily. You do know what day today is right? April 1st? That's right, it is of course Edible Book Day, and I'm hungry for a new book so it makes excellent timing for such a day. Also, did you know that Apple was created today in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak? Some April Fool Edible Book that turned out to be, huh?

Paddock News

Mystic Meg Ain't Got Nothing On Genius Jenson - The former World Champion Jenson Button (still loving those last four words all in connection) reckons we'll get a three way battle for the championship this year between Red Bull, Ferrari and of course McLaren much like 2010 was. I have no problem with that as I enjoyed 2010 (needed more Brawn though funnily enough) but there seems to be a greater deal of optimism from the McLaren camp since their discovery that Kwik Fit had sold them a dodgy exhaust system and now they're rather handy. Even Gary Paffett seems pretty happy with the car and the result in Melbourne too. Good times!

Paddock News in Paddock News? It's all gone a bit Inception - The always entertaining Paddock Life is back over at the loudestly named F1 website and I couldn't help but laugh at the first sequence of photos as you scroll down - Mick Doohan and his partner, then Lewis and that woman, and then Vettel with... well, a load of sheep. Some would say not as glamorous but not me! Sheep are awesome. Lovely to hear the efforts in the paddock for Japan too during it's tough rebuilding period.

Run, Adrian, Run! - The biggest bit of news I saw yesterday was the brilliant story of Adrian Sutil becoming the face of Adidas' running shoes in Germany after some of his brilliant runs from the past. The man sure knows how to run in style I suppose but it's revealed he'll be running a half marathon in the future with these shoes as well as doing various adverts of his fabulous running style. The adverts will be in the style of Forrest Gump too, braces better be included.

I Bet You Danny Bahar will buy a CBE on eBay - That lovely lady who lives in the big house Buckingham Palace know as Helen Mirren has decided to give a CBE to a certain Mr Tony Fernandes for his good work with the links between the UK and Malaysia which is good stuff. In fact my University I went to is twinned with a Malaysian university and stuff is often done between them with lecturers and courses, probably through AirAsia! It's a great achievement though for Tony and I do admittedly like the guy despite the nonsense with other Lotus. We shall not mention that boredom, maybe his CBE is for not mentioning it too really.


Back In Moy Day, 'Dey Din't 'Ave no Red Bulls - James Moy does not seem like a happy chappy. Despite having the grand privilege of photographing the world's best sport he's already wondering whether 2011 is going to be a total write off and whether we should give the championship to Vettel now. I absolutely disagree with him here as I shall always remain positive on this fabulous sport no matter how genius Adrian Newey is. It was Lou who pointed out this photographer-related news of course, and did you know she updated her Tumblr yesterday with some rather impressive ghost shots? Some very cool effects coming out of her experimentation.

I Do Like a Good Invisible Palace, Me - Last year a few of us here at Sidepodcast went to the jolly good fun that was Motorsport at the Palace, the palace referring to Crystal Palace in London. It was a great little hill climb with a friendly, inviting atmosphere and a wonderful little diddy car included that I adored! Badger GP have written a little preview for this year's event over the May Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May as well as sharing the news that there's currently a discount on tickets, yay! You can actually find the rest of Lou's photos from the day out on Flickr. Incidentally upon leaving Giggles was explaining to me about Crystal Palace not being there anymore except for a pole, and I am still very impressed that a pole is still regarded as a whole palace. Bravo!

Gladiators was never this competitive! - In a follow up to Amy's post this week of getting as many fans to support her in the AirAsia uberfan competition for Korea, we have another guest post from Kate who wants you to go and support her as well for the competition! The competition has been so ridiculously competitive and it's really interesting to see where it's gonna go so make sure you give this pitch a read too! Also Amy has put together a huuuuuuuuuuuuge post of her Australian GP weekend with some awesome photos and a hell of a story to tell about her experiences! Yay! As well as these updates here on Sidepodcast, we have a brand spanking new Sidepodchat

that went up late last night from Manipe as he looks at the start of the new season and some of the drivers as well as the new rules. It's an excellent listen as you'd expect from Naoise.

More like a Mega-zine! It works in a lazy kind of way - Probably the one magazine I still read has finally made the jump it seems as it is now available via digital download. It is, of course, The Beano. Yes, for many years I ha... actually it's F1 Racing. But I love having F1 Racing on my lap for train journeys to read through or just happily finding it to read when bored. Now it's stuck in my laptop and various devices that are rather small like my phone? Ohh, ok then. At least the option is finally there if you really want an e-F1 Racing. Me? Ohh I'm happy to stick with that papery-business-thing for now.

And Finally

I really like these Galaxies, especially the Caramel ones - Space is awesome. There is simply no denying this. Whether you are Brian Cox on top of a mountain calling everything beautiful or a big massive observatory looking for a spare comet to name, it is just awesome and this link absolutely amazes me. So many interactive photos and pictures of stars, galaxes, universes, and other big things of that big spacey nature. They're just absolutely beautiful to look at and it always, always gobsmacks me seeing just how many stars make up even the smallest bits of sky. Man, space is awesome. So is Spaced, for that matter.

So, that's that done for another week. Still can't believe it's April though, what kind of world do we live in when April suddenly appears?! I didn't expect it yesterday. Nevertheless, let's go out on something really sweet with a stunning performance of Skinny Love by Bon Iver, who's new album comes out later this year and this song is one of my favourites from his enchantingly lovely album For Emma, Forever Ago. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I'll see you in the comments.

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