Daily: 19th September 2011

19 September, 2011 at 02:03 (GMT+01:00)

By Mr C.

Let's start the week with a bang. Formula 1 is Singapore bound, as the travelling carnival prepares for the sport's solo night race. Despite being a relative newcomer to the F1 season, this is already one of my favourite events. This year, organisers have lined up Shakira, Linkin Park and Shaggy concerts throughout the weekend. I'm sold!

Big Audio Dynamite

To tide you over until then, we found a spare five minutes to look back at the previous Grand Prix in Monza and break it down F1 Debrief style.

Amongst other things, we discuss why Italy is more dodgy than Brazil, dance to Jaime's banging tunes, watch Luca's random appearances and rue Rosberg's missed opportunity. Be sure to listen in.

Pulp Fiction

Christine launched her brand new ebook on an unsuspecting world today. Between the Lines (Formula Primo Confidential) follows on from the sucessful release of two F1 books earlier this year and marks the girl's first foray into the world of fiction.

Available on the Amazon Kindle (and its associated apps and devices), you can download a free sample right now. I'm sure Christine will be keen to hear your feedback and more.

Comin' To Your City

I have in recent past had cause to complain about the half-arsed efforts the BBC put into some of their F1 coverage - notably their current obsession with the cheap looking opening montage, coupled with melodramatic voiceover, the kind of thing an intern could knock up in an afternoon.

The following ESPN opening clip for College GameDay caught my eye this week, and I'm thinking BeebSkyBeeb could learn a thing or two before next season. Country music duo Big and Rich wrote the theme, but it's the effort that's gone into the visuals that appeals to me.

No question, F1 coverage needs more street parades and pom poms.

That ought to be enough to get the week started, we'll see you in the (Facebook) comments.

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