Daily: 19th November 2008

19 November, 2008 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

The second day of testing seemed to be much quieter in terms of us all jumping on the pictures and times as they became available. However, it's all still interesting information to be poured over, so hopefully day three will give us more of the same. There's plenty of discussion going in the comments about various topics both related to F1 and not so much, and here's a quick run down of some of those things:

Regarding that testing and those drivers

  • How did Pedro de la Rosa get on in the Force India? Not great, but why was he there and will they be shipping him off to the back markers?
  • Ferrari unveiled some significant KERS work, so have they been playing down their achievements in this field so far?
  • The BMW boys believe the 2009 wings are as ugly as we think, so the question is, who in F1 does actually like them?

Outside the Formula 1 world:

  • There's Sidepodcast's Xmas party to be discussed, a Sidepodparty, if you will.
  • We're still covering the space station, apparently there's a sonic screwdriver on the loose
  • Which are better: traditional or iced mince pies?

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