Daily: 19th March 2011

19 March, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Amy Fulton

Hello Saturday. Today’s daily is a little different from my normal one. I have all the latest Heikki news of course, but because this is my last daily before I head off to Albert Park next week I have a little bit of Melbourne news too.

Since I last updated you testing has finished. I’d be lying if I said I paid attention but I have gone investigating for you lovely readers and discovered Heikki set the 9th fastest time on the fourth day in Barcelona. While he was there he got woken up at 6.30 by the anti doping people! Not the best wakeup call I’m sure, but Heikki did let us know that he supports the anti doping measures in the sport.

As per usual he’s been playing a lot of golf. It has not been going well recently as he’s jealous of Catherine's swing and he got beaten by Lewis! I think it’s really nice they played golf together, I always liked them as team mates because they genuinely seemed to like each other. Heikki is stopping over in Malaysia for a few days on his way to Melbourne and it sounds like the golf there is going from bad to worse. Good luck Heikki, I hope your golf comes back to you soon!

In sad news, Heikki has parted ways with his trainer Petri. I haven’t seen this reported anywhere other than this tweet from Petri and his instructions to the team to look after Catherine and Heikki in Barcelona. Every time I’ve seen Heikki at a track, Petri was with him, I even spotted him taking photos of Heikki signing autographs outside the paddock in Melbourne last year. He also often tweets to say he’s reading posts here at Sidepodcast or on the blogs of some of our commenters so if you’re reading this, thanks for all you’ve done Petri, we’ll miss you!

This excellent video from CNN also taught us that when Heikki is concentrating on his driving he sticks out his tongue. I wonder if he does that inside his F1 helmet?

Are you going to be in Melbourne for the Grand Prix? There are some things you need to know about! First up is that you should definitely come along to An Audience with Joe on Wednesday night. Last year’s event was brilliant and there will be a few of us commenters holding down the Sidepodtable again this year. I’d love to see you there!

On Friday before heading to the track we will be meeting up at 2 Doors Down in Fitzroy St, St Kilda for the second annual Sidepodbreakfast. Here’s a post I wrote about last years, doesn’t it look delicious? This is of course assuming that cafe is still open, the one next door where we met Ant and Crofty has closed down! I wonder where 5Live will go for breakfast now? I shall check that out and update you if the venue has to change!

There are no F1 cars on track until 12.30 so I am proposing 10.30am for breakfast. I have pulled this time out of thin air just now so if you have any other suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments. Just to note, there will be no Sidepodbreakfast on Thursday this year due to the GP Advantage events at the track starting at 8am. We may be there on Saturday and Sunday as well so stay tuned to the daily posts as I’ll be asking the writers to kindly pass on the details of the plans each day. If you can’t come to see Joe, or to breakfast, but you’ll be at the track, say hi if you see me. If it’s anything like the last couple of races I’ve been to, I’ll be the only one in Lotus gear so I should be easily spottable!

Pamela and I are then off to the Malaysian Grand Prix two weeks later. This is the fifth country I’ll be seeing F1 in but I never ever would have thought I’d be in this situation just three years after my first trip to Melbourne! Have you ever been to the Malaysian Grand Prix? Do you have any insider tips and tricks for us? Any advice is greatly appreciated. We’re flying Air Asia and I’m excited about that too because it’s no secret I like Tony Fernandes, I hope his airline impresses me as much as his racing team.

By the time you are reading this, Pamela and I will be in the city watching Mark Webber drive his car across a bridge. The things we do for a taste of F1! Then we’ll be booking our race tickets for the Singapore Grand Prix which I’m really excited about! I really love going to that race and am looking forward to sharing it with a friend this year. Do you have any exciting plans for your Saturday? Let us know what you’re up to in the comments. Have a great day everyone!

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