Daily: 19th June 2011

19 June, 2011 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sunday, and what a lovely day it is too! Can you believe it’s been just 7 days since Jenson’s epic win? I’m still recovering! I hope you’re all well today and off to fill your days with awesome things. I’m hopefully off to Brands Hatch tomorrow to see some F3 action, any lurkers/commenters going too?

Today, in the UK is Fathers day, so happy Fathers day to all the Dad’s out there (and a special one for Alex if he’s a dad yet!).

I have one F1 article for you today, could JB be the glimmer of hope for the championship battle? He thinks he could still win the title. He by all means isn’t the favourite, but I’m willing to believe anything if it means the championship battle may not be over yet!

In other F1 news, we have a brand new Aside with Joe to listen to! Many thanks to Mr C, Christine and Joe for their work on bringing us another wonderful show!

In more sports news, today is the last day before Wimbledon starts (excluding qualifying of course!). Ahead of the Championship, Djokovic is feeling confident about his chances of a win given his excellent form this season. Read more about what he said in his press conference here.

Finally in virtual sport news, RG has a post about Football manager. Ohh and talking about games, Lukeh has written about a rather special man in the world of gaming music!

I now have some rather exciting Sidepodcast tech news, which you tech savy people may already have heard about but there is now an entire neighbourhood in New York which is covered by free Wifi! How brilliant! Sidepodtrip to New York anyone?.. come on it’s beautiful

Okay, on with some fun and inspirational links!

• I know Mrs C and those who are MFC wont approve to the use of paper here, but what a wonderful and creative way to display your to do lists!

• The dear photograph project is such a brilliant idea! I think I may have to explore this theme, I must have some old photographs somewhere! What a fabulous idea though, you can see more about it here.

• Again, I only discovered this today, but how cool does this look!! Wooowww!

• Here is a rather colourful way to see a city!

• Finally I want to highlight the atlantic infocus photography section, and specifically this alarming set of photographs showing the volcanic ash and pumice from Puyehue.

That’s about it for today, do step by and say hello today, hope you’re having a wonderful day! See you in the comments!

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