Daily: 19th June 2010

19 June, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Saturday has arrived and another daily for us to discuss is here!! I know, I know, I said I'd be back on my normal Friday's but my daily clock clearly is out of sync. Perhaps I need an iDaily to help sync with. Alas, today is Saturday because yesterday was Friday (Hulk Hogan confirms this) and the weekend is here! I do believe Saturday is the most Saturday day of the week, therefore, let us enjoy this Saturday with the various bullet points set out to direct you to the best things around today!

  • Disappointment. Noun; a feeling of dissatisfaction when results don't realize your expectations; to be downhearted at the outcome of an event; the England football team. Let's get this out of the way - England were utterly rubbish last night against Algeria in the World Cup. I mean, did they even bother? Wayne Rooney had a big sulk and everything. Shocking times. Being Welsh, I am used to this frustration with your national football team so my advice to all the English is simple - pessimism is the way forward, embrace your failures and be shocked when you do well! Life is much easier that way with football, see. Remember to join us in today's World Cup thread for the 3 games on today - Ghana vs Australia, Holland vs Japan and Cameroon vs Denmark - and comment on games that surely can't be any worse than England were!
  • Motorsport. This is a motorsport website for motorsport people, and it's absolutely appropriate that I head back to motosport, clearly! There's no race this weekend meaning no qualifying but there's plenty for you people to do still! Superleague Formula returns this weekend in Jarama, and I know one very keen fan of a very good French driver will be watching for sure. And maybe she'll be secretly hoping Bourdais fails like the French football team, ahem. In Formula 1 news, there was a lovely story from AUTOSPORT that told of Trulli's reluctancy to get an updated chassis to show Heikki there is equality in the team, but Heikki insisted he did! Very sweet and a great partnership there. Also, remember to go and read Janna's guest post regarding a fantastic little viral video for Vodafone featuring Jenson and Lewis -it's really fun! I'm just pleased Rubens wasn't there actually because he'd have it done in less than a minute. Yep.
  • Chips. Or more accurately, AMY HAS WRITTEN A BLOG ENTRY. There, that got your attention didn't it? But it's true! And Amy rarely writes a blog entry so this is awesome. Amy is preparing for her megablastic super Euro Trip over the summer see, and here she talks about chips. I mean, she talks about crisps. Well she talks about chips but they are crisps. Goodness, Spa is going to be confusing. Even more confusing is that I love crisps, but I don't like chips very much yet in Amy's crazy reality known as 'Australia', it's a whole new dimension. Madness. But yes, go give it a read. Preferably before Spa. Talking of Spa, a load of commenters have been receiving their tickets, YAY!!! Not long to go now! And by that I mean 2 and a bit months. But still!! 2 and a bit!!!!
  • Beards. We all love a good beard, right? Brian Blessed knows what I'm talking about. But this is going somewhere sane, I promise you, because Ross Brawn is growing his beard for charity which is awesome. The website even has a great name - Brawn's Beards. The fact it is plural makes it more wonderfully intruiging, as I am sure Ross only has the one beard. Although technically they are Mercedes Beards now but that's not the point. The Big Brawn Bear will be supporting the Royal National Lifeboat Institution with donations for a new lifeboat so that's a great little thing for he and the RNLI. Go Ross! Go beards! Or should that be grow beards?

Well that's all from me this week, I feel like I may have missed a lot so I am sorry if I've missed anything huge out. I'll be honest, I'm surprised you got this far after that completely surreal Hulk Hogan video at the top of the post. Bless you. The comments are just a few scrolls away below and thanks to Mr C aka The Brain you can comment and see what your comment looks like as you are typing when commenting in Ye Not So Olde Comments, as Lou called it the other day, so give it a go! Just as long as you promise to comment then all is good, yep yep. Also, Doctor Who tonight!!! I am quite excited as it's the beginning of the finale episodes, EEK! Oh the eeking, oh the excitement. See you in the comments, friends!

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