Daily: 19th July 2011

19 July, 2011 at 00:07 (GMT+01:00)

By Simon Furnivall

Good morning, Sidepodders and welcome to this glorious day. I feel that enforced joviality is the only way to get myself through Tuesdays.

Given that there seems to be little news out there that doesn't come with some serious political baggage, I suspect it is best to stick largely to the F1 world. One story that had the world screaming in anticipated pain was that of our tiny Overlord Bernie saying that he would approach Channel 5 if the BBC follow through on their threat to drop F1 coverage. Hopefully this has about as much chance of happening as Bernie's 'medals' idea.

Williams have designed new front and rear wings for Pastor Maldonado to smash in the upcoming Germand Grand Prix. Outgoing Technical Director, Sam Michael, hopes that while Pastor is searching for some inviting barriers to crash into, Rubens Barrichello can pilot the new parts round the Nurburgring quickly enough to earn some tasty points.

Pirelli will continue their search for better compounds in Germany, providing each team with a new version of the soft tyre for Friday practice.

Daniel Ricciardo is hoping that he doesn't come away from the German GP with just a sympathetic 'well at least you finished' pat on the back as he did at Silverstone. The Aussie reckons that now he's learnt some more about this whole 'tyre management' thing, he can get closer to new team mate, Tonio Liuzzi.

Away from F1, there is much Harry Potter-fuelled wailing as people flock to see the last film and put the whole saga to bed. I haven't been to see it yet, but I may be the only person who hasn't as the film took a frankly ridiculous £23M at the UK Box Office on its opening weekend. Clearly no-one has yet spotted that Daniel Radcliffe can't actually act very well.

Inevitably there is more Harry Potter news doing the rounds as the case against JK Rowling, claiming that she lifted the plot of the Goblet of Fire from The Adventures of Willy the Wizard by Adrian Jacobs, has come to an end. The claim failed after the estate of the late Jacobs failed to make a payment of £1.5M as security for costs. I'm not sure I entirely know what that all means, other than that Rowling wins.

And with that news I shall bid you adieu, until next time.

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