Daily: 19th February 2011

19 February, 2011 at 00:00 (GMT)

By Amy Fulton

Hyvää huomenta F1 fans, I am back once again to update you on what Heikki has been up to over the last four weeks. I'm also updating myself because first I was all about the tennis, I've been ignoring testing because if I can't watch live video I'm not staying up til 4am for it, and then I went on holiday to New Zealand for a week and missed almost everything everyone had to say on Twitter. Oops!

Heikki has been giving the fans on his Facebook page a say on his kit for the year. First he ran a poll asking people which design he should use on his racing shoes, and then he asked which helmet design we prefer. He has never actually said he'd go with the most popular result, but I'm assuming that's what'll happen. If I never have to see that graffiti helmet again, I'll be a happy girl.

I seem to remember Lotus doing some coin flipping between their drivers last year to choose who would give up their car in Friday practice, this year they flipped a coin to see who would drive first in testing. Heikki won. The luck of the Finnish?

After deciding that Murray would win the Australian Open, I promptly declared to the world that Heikki was dead to me. I got over it quickly, celebrated Novak's win, and bought Heikki back to life so thankfully I still have someone to cheer for this year.

His first day of testing in Valencia was ended early by a problem with the power steering. Even with this problem, Autosport declared him "delighted with new Lotus". Testing then moved to Jerez where Heikki was impressed with the car's pace. I know testing doesn't mean too much but I hope the team have a great 2011!

A quick trip to Finland was next, full of marketing, filming, and wearing suits.

Yesterday testing moved to Barcelona and Catherine has returned after a week at home with her family. It's impossible not to love any girlfriend who has that many lollipops in her possession.

Finally, Beaks has posted a look at the race garage for the year and I give it a thumbs up. It's only five short weeks until I'll be at Albert Park so I'm looking forward to seeing it in person. Hey Team Lotus, any chance of paddock tours for your fans this year? ;)

Now that I've filled us in I am off to have some brunch. It's always a struggle to choose between the eggs or the french toast so any help in the comments is much appreciated. Have a lovely Saturday!

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