Daily: 19th August 2011

19 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Why hello there once more, it seems you've ended up in Friday. Here's a fact you may not know about Friday - it happens to be a day after Thursday but it often turns up before Saturday in most cases. Also, did you know that today is Nico Hulkenburg's birthday? Happy Birthday, Nico! This week I've had both a brother and sister celebrate birthdays so it's nice to say happy birthday without being poor because of it. I kid, it was worth it! Also, it's only one more week until Formula 1 is back, hurrah! Not long now guys... the wait for Spa is almost over!

Paddock News

Team Queens Park Lotus Rangers Renault - Tony Fernandes has begun his Lotus takeover of football by buying 66% and majority ownership of the Queens Park Rangers football team. Maybe he just likes buying teams lower down the ranks in their class. Whatever the reason, this does mean it'll get Flavio Briatore off Match of the Day which is a wonderful thing. It makes me laugh that referees are sponsored by Air Asia. Ooh I do love a good conspiracy theory, me.

Testing times for the Teams - Hurrah for the Big Brawn Bear giving us a little bit of news as to what be happening with testing in the future. It seems that teams want to spread out the testing about which is fine, but I don't think he totally understood the name 'pre season testing' only for it to be in the season itself. That's mid-season testing you silly Bear man you. Anyways, I hopew mid season testing returns, of course. Along with Brawn GP. And 2009 in general.


It's the final countdown! - Yesterday I decided to unveil my little plan for the next seven days and that's to bring you plenty of new content on Gridwalk Talk to lead back up to the return of F1 after the summer break! Hurrah! Well it's only fair I get everyone else back into the mood for Formula 1 isn't it? Seven Days of Formula 1 begins this morning with a brand spanking new post going up so keep an eye out for it...

Fakest. Theme Park. Ever. - Gosh, I'm disappointed. You know I do love to make my dailies as positive as possible but I can't hide my disappointment at the unveiling of Theme Park on iOS. It's going to be a free-to-play game, but nothing like the original Theme Park, but one of those things where you pay for stuff to get there faster and all sorts of money grabbing nonsense. We want the proper, classic Bullfrog title, damnit! Tiny Tower found a nice balance of free to pay greediness and a normal game to play, so I hope EA don't go overboard with greediness for this. On a much, much nicer point, did you know one of the best games ever Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 is now available on GOG.com? Sure, it's $10, but you have no idea how many times I've been annoyed that I can't find my RCT2 disk and really want to play it! Finally, a digital version!! Woohooo!!

The Wonderful Creations of a Child's Mind - Goodness, I love this. It's impossible to look at that link and just not smile at what it creates. Some geniuses' with their artistic awesomeness have taken the creations of the imagination of children and put it into properly made images. Plus it's just awesome to see what children can do with a few felt tip pens and a visual idea in their head isn't it? Such a fun idea.

And Finally

And now for a few little things to end the daily on...

And that'll be that. Hopefully today will be full of goodness and awesome, and we'll head into the final summer break weekend with no F1 with plenty of smiles, and hopefully a bit of sunshine. Yesterday was so cold! It's August, weatherman! Anyways, have a lovely day whoever you may be, and I'll see you in the comments.

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