Daily: 19th April 2011

19 April, 2011 at 06:29 (GMT+01:00)

By amandoloss

I keep it simple today. No big talking, just links.

Formula 1:

  • It could have been a great Chinese weekend for Toro Rosso and Jaime Alguersuari who qualified 7th , but it all went differently as his car lost a tyre after the first pit stop. And now Toro Rosso must pay.
  • Red Bull plans KERS upgrade for Turkey. Hmmm ... I rather see them race KERSless 'cause this means the others have got some chances against them.
  • I love this picture. Pure joy. :-) However the cup looks odd, don't you think? Lewis' victory in China made my day. Not even the rubbish German coverage (they ask Adrian Sutil (!!!) for an "expert's (???) opinion" before each race, you know. Yeah ... do you feel with me?) was able to spoil my mood.

In football there's a lot going on right now with takeovers, Cup finals, weekday Premier League matches, awards ... so you know, have a look either at this site, or this one, or perhaps even this one. There's something for everyone of you.

Upcoming sports events this week? Newcastle host United tonight, and there are also two matches tomorrow night. Ohhhhh, BIG night in Spain as Real Madrid is playing Barcelona in the final of Copa del Rey tomorrow night. Adidas released a very funny commercial about that. Love it!

As far as I know there's no racing this weekend, though I might be wrong. Correct me, please. Did I miss something? Ah, yes! Barcelona Open to keep tennis fans well entertained.

Are there some surfers among you? If so you could enter this Air Asia competition.

I shall end up with Tweets of the Week and Amy's post on FanVision.

I am off to the gym. Howdy!

P.S. Have a great day! ;-)

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