Daily: 19th April 2010

19 April, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)


I can hear you all yelling at me 'RG, I'm stuck here in northern Europe with simply nothing to do. How shall I spend this dull Monday while I pray for that awful volcanic ash from Iceland to go away?' Well, visitor of Sidepodcast, welcome, to the kind of new look Daily Post. With, as you can probably guess, a new writer. Each day of this week will feature a different writer of the Daily. Tomorrow, you will have the lovely Marilene here. But for now, you are stuck with me.

So, what should you look at while you are stuck at home?

  • It was an unusually exciting Chinese Grand Prix yesterday. And typically, Sauber and Timo Glock didn't manage to reach ten laps (for the second race in a row). Lukeh has an excellent recap on his blog and I keep looking at the new teams (don't look if you are a Timo Glock fan...).
  • And while you are thinking about the race, why not send in a voicemail to Sidepodcast? This will be edited into a bit of a montage, so a perfect excuse to air your thoughts. You can call them on +44 121 28 87225, Skype them by finding the username sidepodcast or even e-mailing a mp3 to them at christine@sidepodcast.com. Go onnnnn.
  • And a final little plug, in preparation for the new F1 game by Codemasters coming up in September, Lewis has written about the good and the bad of F1 games in the past. It is a good little read so please do check it out!

That is all for this Monday, so while the volcanic ash grounds thousands of people, I still have to go to school. 'But wait' you cry 'for your heroic efforts in keeping me busy, how shall I repay you?'. Well, you can catch me on my blog The Northern Waffler, or at Triple League Racing where I co-blog, or if you are so desperate, follow me on twitter @SauberRG.

Have a good Monday (if possible).

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