Daily: 18th October 2010

18 October, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)


I probably shouldn't have another moan in a daily. But it is my daily, and I'm having a moan anyway. Now honestly, I love writing the daily, I do, I love Monday's, that as well (yes, I am a bit odd). So, doing a daily on a Monday is perfect for me, especially the 19 weeks in the year when a race has gone before it.

But the other 31 weeks of the year, dear god, you wouldn't know F1 existed. Nothing, zilch, zero, nowt, blank etc. Dear God not even Lotus can be bothered to spice anything up. Not even Lotus. I could give you reports that Pastor Maldonado could be going to Williams, you know, just reports.

Credit, I think, is due to Jackie from VivaF1 who's decided on twitter to come up with a few, how should I put it, slightly inaccurate news stories to spice stuff up. Join in with the hashtag #gmmstories, theres some good ones out there already, join in, if you have twitter of course, if not, well you are missing out. Or you could just follow any of the Sidepodcast lists, which is pretty extensive.

Oh and before I launch into the bulletpoints, a little bit of gratitude to the simply brilliant, talented, Heikki Kovalainen. Who, was so good, that he called my New Teams Championship 'cool'. He's now on the RG list of people I'd like to hug, just below Peter Sauber.

And that's all I've got on Formula 1. So I'll go into what is probably, the first ever set of bulletpoints without a single reference to Formula 1. Do be warned, this may open some sort of black hole somewhere, this is nothing short of risky. Here we go:

  • World Cup 2018 and 2022 news and it isn't good. There's been corruption scandals with reports that certain people who are allowed to vote have sold their votes. This could delay the announcement on who will get to host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022. Of course England are bidding for 2018, and the USA and Australia in 2022. If your in any of those countries, seriously back the bid, it will be a fantastic event to host. And what would you know, Jack Warner isn't involved in a corruption scandal. First time for everything.
  • Now all I've done for the last 48 and a bit hours is play on what is the greatest game of all time, Football Manager. That isn't healthy but damn is addictive. I'm currently murdering the league with my fairly unique 5-0-5 formation, Fabio Capello, are you listening? Of course, if you want to taste the new Football Manager 2011, that is out on the 5th November, and a demo is expected in the week. And if you want a taste of the new features, check out Miles Jacobsen's blogs which include how social networking is linked into the game.
  • Now, it may be the end of the Speedway GP, but you know what, it isn't the end of the domestic season. Newcastle Diamonds raced the Sheffield Tigers last night. And thrashed them. Kenni Larsen, Derek Sneddon, Rene Bach, Stuart Robson, Adam McKinna and Dakota North, all legends. And now, they are in the promotion/relegation playoff against Ipswich Witches to have a chance to play in the Elite League. The Premiership of Speedway, a dream to play. The first heat is on Sunday here at Brough Park and some bloke called Scotty Nicholls is going to be racing there. Finally, there is a team to match the Newcastle Eagles in terms of success up here. United, Falcons and Vipers really do let you down sometimes.

And that is that, but don't forget about the billed, best ever show of Giggles Radio. And you know what, it is. Check it out, it is the last of the series so he won't be back for a few weeks at least. And that is me done for another day, you get to look forward to the Four Nations of Rugby League, involving World Cup winners New Zealand, best team in the world Australia, underachievers England, and, err, Papua New Guinea. Champions League football, some obscure European team by the name of Inter Milan against the mighty Tottenham Hotspur, led, by the legendary Ledley King...oh, wait, he's injured again. And there is some Formula 1 in Korea, I presume you don't care about that though.

Enjoy Monday, you can do it, have belief. It will be kind to you if you are kind to it.