Daily: 18th November 2010

18 November, 2010 at 01:09 (GMT)

By Pat W

Today is Thursday which often means it will be a bad day, but it isn't any Thursday because this is the 18th of November which makes it my sister's birthday, so Happy 14th Birthday Celine even though you have no idea this post exists. I therefore choose to believe today is a good day.

  • Keep an eye out today for the return of Thursday Thoughts. If you're new to Thursday Thoughts, it is an off-season series in which a collection of bloggers each write a post about a chosen topic on the same day. You can opt in or out depending on whether you have anything to add and there's no list of who can blog, so if you have a blog and have something to say why not take part? You can even start a new blog. Be sure to have a read of what each blogger comes up with (and feed your bloggers - leave a comment!) because the varied opinions can be really interesting, and the different interpretations of some of the more open questions is often fascinating. Different bloggers also take it in turns to ask a question and 'host' Thursday Thoughts (one question per week), there's probably a wiki link somewhere for upcoming questions and/or hosts but I'm scared of the wiki after it was broken.
  • The end of the season means we're reaching the end of Alex Snell's adventure of visiting every F1 race on the calendar in one year. Catch up with his Korean and Brazilian GPs here where he's clearly been having a whale of a time! Interlagos in particular looks fantastic.
  • Lukeh kicks off the end-of-year awards season in earnest with the second ever Formula 1 TOATA Awards - quickly becoming a highlight of any awards season I'm sure you'll agree. It even features my car in a cameo appearance in Belgium. Of course I can't tell you who has won, you have to read the post yourself.
  • Speaking of Belgium and more specifically the Belgian Grand Prix, I've just posted another instalment in my heavily-delayed and ridiculously over-long recap of our amazing time there. Here is the Belgian GP - Friday Pt.2 (and you may need to refresh your memory with Pt.1 first). I promise the Saturday and Sunday recaps will firstly be shorter, and secondly appear much sooner.
  • The F1 young driver tests are over and we're awaiting the Pirelli test tomorrow, in the meantime there is a GP2 test at Paul Ricard today with the brand new car which also features F1-spec Pirellis, so do keep half an eye on that.
  • The news broke last night that Lotus* will be supplying engines to the IndyCar Series in 2012, just a week after Chevy was announced too. The official announcement is due at 5pm ET / 10pm GMT and I expect we'll be told just who'll be subcontracted to make the engines, and that Lotus will also be producing an 'aero kit'. Exciting times for IndyCar!(* that's the car company, as in Proton, the people getting involved with the Renault F1 team)

This week's audio recommendation isn't music, I'm copping out again because I haven't prepared anything. Last year during Sidepodradio and I think also in a Debrief, RG made a few predictions about the 2010 season which are recorded for posterity. Startledbunny has revisited these with a bit of a remix of each - you really should take a listen!

- RG's 2010 driver line-ups (I love the 'booo'!);

- RG's WDC predictions;

If you do want a song for this fine Thursday, all the talk last night of James Key moving from Force India to Sauber reminded me of this song. Sauber now have the Key, so now they surely have the Secret.

Have a good day!