Daily: 18th May 2011

18 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hi there! Hope your week is going well?  Mine is fine, thank you. 

I do hope you are looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix – VivaF1 have a great Spanishy GP preview thingy – which James Allen also admits might be quite exciting (I’m linking to the post because it has some great stats, BTW).  Renault have a comical preview to their GP, while Lotus have some notes to share.  BadgerGP have taken a look at the Top 5 Spanish GP’s (there’s some corkers in there!) while the FIA have suddenly decided (in the hope to slow down Red Bull) to ban blown diffusers – but not in Spain, according to Jonny Noble.  F1 Minute have news about Pirelli tweaking the tyres and also have a fab new logo, so check that out too.

Adrian Sutil is in a spot of bother… and it sounds like Agent Caine and his sunglasses might be popping over for a visit.  But like all good CSI Episodes, he protests his innocence and vows to clear his name.  Sounds like he could do with a lawyer…

The Silverstone Wing opened today.  An odd name and a weird looking building, but who cares so long as Bernie likes it and stops threatening to take away the British GP?  Here’s another view of it from the air by Cooperman.  While we are on the subject of aerial photos, check out the latest from Austin, Texas

Gary Anderson has a great article on how the rear wing works with the DRS – basically it says that when the DRS is deactivated there is a short pause before the airflow reattaches itself.  There is a compromise to be made between a DRS that gives a better advantage and a rear wing that is more stable and consistent.  The Mercedes is designed to use the DRS so well that it suffers because of this, while Red Bull have the balance just right. 

Some interviews for you now.  An unusually heartfelt one from Adrian Newey, where he reveals he almost quit after Senna's death and will probably not want to see the movie (but at least he can choose not to).  And RichardsF1 has a great interview with Louise Goodman, which I really enjoyed reading too.  Minus points from me for not liking German food though!

Joe Saward has a post on an FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy session (big mouthful), which is more about track time this time around.  Alex Wurz will be offering tips, and has already made some amusing observations

Make sure you check out Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings this week as there are plenty of cool links to check out there too!

Christine’s also been blogging about pies and found a cool trippy video about pendulums – seriously, I saw so many shapes in that video!

Will Buxton has been blogging about a bad customer service experience – and it’s a shocking read.  I do hope he gets the matter sorted as he’s been properly conned I reckon!

Here’s a great mashup of two fun games – Portal Tetris!  What’s your best high score? ;)

Speaking of video games, a classic time waster is being revamped and is making a comeback!  Oh my!!!

Want to see a mega Doctor Who Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey important events graph? Thought so

Here’s another great infographic about the story of Skype – many of us have been asking why Microsoft paid so much for it.  This will explain why :)

Some Sidepodspace for you – it was one of the last shuttle launches the other day (I get confused, because they keep telling me each one is the last for a different reason), so here are some pics of it to enjoy.

Speaking of artwork, I found a great online portfolio of racing car paintings for you – they’re compelling to say the least!

Finally, here’s your song of the day.  Lukeh has been filling his posterous with a 30-day song challenge, and he’s almost at the end.  I quite like the song he picked too!

So that’s all from me.  I do hope you have a great day today and let us know what you are up to in the comments.  Why not share a funny story or positive thought you have had for the day?  We all come here to have a good time and to be entertained in some way, shape or form, so let’s all be nice and positive and constructive in the comments so that people feel welcome and want to keep coming back.  And if you are lurking, please say hello – we won’t bite, honest!

Remember – smiles earn the miles :D

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