Daily: 18th July 2011

18 July, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Bridget Schuil

Good morning sidepodders! Happy Monday, even though I think we'll all agree that this is our collective least favourite day of the week. I hope you get to the end of this with a slightly perkier outlook on today.

Japan beat the USA in the Women's World Cup Football final! Barack Obama was getting very into it.

Now that the urgent news is out the way, some comedy to start?

I found a cute youtube clip. It gets scary in the middle, but don't worry, it has a happy ending.

Ever come up with an idea that you thought was awesome and everyone else thought was a wee bit lame? You're not alone.

David Mitchell has contributed some rather hilarious angry-logic about the drama going on at News of the World.

There was no F1 this week to talk about so shall we have a quick look at what else happened in the world of motorsport?

Dani Pedrosa won in Germany! He's now 74 points behind Stoner, and 59 behind titleholder Lorenzo.

Chris Atkinson won the International Rally of Whangarei in New Zealand for Proton. This is his third win from four Asia-Pacific Rally Championship starts.

The Marussia Virgin boys headed out to Sochi to get Russian fans excited about the sport.

The sun goes down on a frankly awesome weekend in Sochi. Cannot wait to come back! #Sochitour http://twitpic.com/5rls1x

MarussiaVirgin's Twitter avatarMarussiaVirgin

AJ Riley, who races in the Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge in the US, has been doing a photo project called Life Through My iPhone. He's taken some lovely pics!

Is it time for science now?

Firstly, a note for Amid, who I met on the bus between Northampton and Silverstone. No, F1 drivers don't go fast enough to experience the relativistic Doppler effect. According to Sakon Yamamoto (to whom we need to give more geek credit. He was cool enough to talk nerdy to me while signing autographs at the MVR Weekend), they do experience a bit of the tunnel-vision associated with travelling at speed, but he remains unconvinced that it's because of a relativistic time-slowing effect.

The RadioAstron mission, conceived during Soviet Russia, launches from Kazakhstan on Monday, making the biggest telescope built thus far. The “dish” for the radio telescope will be more than 30 times Earth's diameter.

A study has shown that green-rumped parrot parents name their hatchlings and teach them their 'call sign.' Everybody say “n'aww!”

I hope you have a great week! See you in the comments...

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