Daily: 18th December 2008

18 December, 2008 at 00:32 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

There have been some interesting snippets in the Formula 1 world today, things that don't necessarily make an entire news item but get the mind thinking. There have also been some good things in the comments, especially this first item:

  • Dan's mate sold a toy car to Anthony Davidson's dad, which quite obviously leads on to a debate over whether Davidson or Sato was a better driver and which is more deserving of a race seat. Weigh in with your thoughts.
  • Kubica thinks that KERS is slowing him down, that the car will go quicker without out. However, he wants the car to have it as it's been designed that way. So, how will cars with and without KERS stack up against each other?
  • Sponsors are jumping around all over the place, with Lenovo moving to McLaren, but speculation that Vodafone might pull out, having done so in other sporting factions. What effect would that have on the team, and I also like the question - where would Hamilton go?

There have been plenty of other topics circulating the comments, though, and I expect the same to take place today. Don't be constrained by anything I've listed above, and say what you feel. See you in the comments.

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