Daily: 18th April 2011

18 April, 2011 at 00:53 (GMT+01:00)


Hi everyone! I thought that since only a select few people get the opportunity to write a daily post, I'd give you a little 'Day in the Life of a Daily Writer' for a nice little treat. Hows that sound? Rubbish? Well, tough.


0747: Well, I've just woken up. It's Sunday and again I'm up stupidly early. F1 is going on in China, I like to watch this, helps me get facts for the daily. I must say I am desperately hoping for a double points finish for Sauber, that would be fantastic. Of course I feel I should show some bias in my daily post to give it its own personality. It gives it a nice edge.

0938: So the Chinese Grand Prix has finished, usually it takes a little while to get links from the various commenters, but you always have the main news outlets like Autosport and the BBC getting news reports out almost straight away. They lack character but helpful in their own little way. The race itself was great, wasn't it, not if you were Perez, or Alguesuari's right rear tyre man, but in the grand scheme of things, F1 put on a great spectacle, in your face doubters.

1015: The BBC Forum is on. Hmm, nah, I'll watch what appears to be some people wearing Newcastle United shirts leading the London Marathon. Honestly, the Great North Run is far better. Ours finishes by the coast darn it.

1111: Time to take a break and play football. Guaranteed start today, people back from injuries, they might be league leaders but I reckon we can take them.

1422: We lost 3-1.

1428: This is the part where I sit back and enjoy myself a little bit. No pressure just yet. Stick on a bit of Tiger Woods 12 for an hour or two. Hopefully this time I won't hit a final round of 77, whilst leading. Two can play at the choking game McIlroy. Normally I just keep an eye on the comments and twitter, say, Lukeh has just popped up with his race review. Normally I'd expect the same from Leigh but he's lucky and is in Italy covering F3's, so I guess that is the only one. Also best remember to include Sidepodcast stuff, like the highlights and results, so useful.

1501: Stopped the golf because of this. No idea if anyone saw the Eurovision documentary last night, covering Blue going to Dusseldorf in May. Frankly, it was rubbish. But. And this is a massive but. It did feature Yohanna. This realisation has caused me to chuck away my controller and watch that bit again, and rewind...

1535: Ball in the water at the 15th. 4 shots off the lead, who the hell is Vaughn Taylor anyway? Oooh, Ted News is up. This is usually useful and entertaining insight by everyone's favourite pitlane person Ted Kravitz.

1547: Eagle at the 17th. Still in it...

1551: Rats, double bogeyed the 18th. Ruined. Stupid game anyway.

1600: Football, I like this, and it means I can talk a lot about it as well. Tottenham sadly didn't play this weekend because of the FA Cup. Here I'll link to how Manchester City beat Manchester United to make the FA Cup final, and whoever wins between Stoke City and Bolton. I'll say Bolton. Some game between Arsenal and Liverpool going on, probably be rubbish and not worth talking about.

1630: 3-0 to Stoke. This is why I don't predict anymore. Predictions are fun to do, but get them wrong often, not good.

1750: 5-0 to Stoke. Certainly worth mentioning, this is huge. Stoke in Europe and everything. Guaranteed link clicker. Arsenal and Liverpool as predicted, rubbish.

1802: I was wrong. This is why you write the daily at the end of the day.

1945: This is where it gets to the tight end. Few hours left in the day. Links are more or less ready, but I want to write a blog post and there's also a football match involving Napoli. Darn, this is going to be a close call tonight.

2102: Blog progress = 0%. Napoli losing 2-0. Title chances over. Well at least I can crack on with this... oooh, Hunter-Reay starting second in the IndyCar?

2306: Ryan is slowing.... no... no... nooooooooooooo. Well, at least it does mean I get to finish my blog post.

2339: Done! Matteo Manassero you blog worthy person you. But I'll never get this all done in 21 minutes. This is going to be close.

2341: Okay, here I need to come up with an idea. Come on brain think... rugby game... quiz show... normal daily.... oooh, daily of the day of a life of writing a daily. Brain, I don't say this often enough, but you are brilliant.

2345: Intro done. Short, smart. Like it. Now, 12 hour clock or 24... I usually flip a coin on tough decisions like these. Into the body we go.

0000: Midnight.This is a tough point for me, usually it means I have failed. But, in the end, it makes Mr C happy. Heck, I'm on holiday anyway. I usually come to this conclusion and soldier on.

0030: Daily post has done. Link time, this is a fairly dull and uneventful process.

0047: Unfortunately I have 'accidentally' clicked on one of the links. It may have been the one about Yohanna...

0051: Links done. Took forever. From here I go to write something into the excerpt box. Sometimes I like to write a little easter egg, or entice the reader to read on. Today I shall go for the latter. Something simple and memorable. Tick 'Daily' under categories and publish. Off to the internet ether we go...

0052: This tends to be the point I have forgotten to write and that is no different today. I'm just going to say that I'm dan saaf in Lahndan this time next week so can't do the daily, oh well. Thanks for reading this 'Day in the Life of a Daily Writer'. Au revoir.

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