Daily: 17th October 2009

17 October, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Friday turns into Saturday and there is one more Free Practice session to enjoy before the best part of the weekend is upon us. Qualifying for this crucial championship race will be something to behold, I'm sure. Meanwhile, here are some things we're talking about:

  • The results posts for FP1 and FP2 have a bit of a new look to them, and whilst this is more of a pre-cursor to what will happen to them on Sidepodcast 3.0, it's safe to say that already they look a million times better.
  • A great question arose from the second session which sparked a blog post and a poll - which circuit hosts the best championship showdown?  The votes have been piling in and it looks as though Brazil is winning, but please have your say and we'll tally the totals later.
  • Finally, it was a busy day yesterday, as we also wrote about the new Codemasters game, albeit as an excuse to post a video with Croftie and Ant. They always look and sound like they're having great fun whatever they're doing, it's a great pairing.

That'll do it for now. We're running a bit behind on F1 Digest but it should be up at some point today. There's me saying the Brazil timings were so great, but it throws the whole schedule out! Anyway, I will see you in the comments.

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