Daily: 17th May 2011

17 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By James

'Ello and welcome to the 17th May 2011, how exciting! eh? For those longing for the weekend, well we're one day closer to it and the Spanish Grand Prix, so lets take a look at what has been going on;

F1 News

Non F1 Stuff


  • With yesterday being Monday it means there are some new tweets of the week including those on travel disasters, and activities such as Mastermind and the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • With today being Tuesday, it can mean only one thing its Rankings day! If you've seen anything you think a driver might deserves points for, now is the time to bring it to Christine's attention.

In yesterday's daily you will have seen a tweet from Mark Webber, who had been attending the opening of the revamed A1Ring Red Bull Ring in Austria. Well I leave you with a video on the festivites that took place there over the weekend, featuring interviews, cars (old and new), bikes, planes and even a lap with last years championship winning car the RB6 driven by Sebastian Vettel.

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