Daily: 17th March 2009

17 March, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

We're still keeping a strict eye on those testing in Jerez, but also getting rather excited about the teams that are moving onwards and upwards (or should that be downwards?) to Australia. Here are some of the things up for discussion today:

  • BMW have confirmed that their KERS is ready - hoorah, a straight answer about KERS - although they are dithering about trying to decide whether to use it in Australia or not. They're weighing up the pros and cons. Is it simply a matter of weight vs speed, or are there other factors in play here?
  • Charlie Whiting has apparently put his foot down and said Williams' skate fins are not acceptable. After "discussions" between FIA officials and the team, Williams have decided to remove said fins in the name of safety. And we all believe that, don't we?
  • Meanwhile, in Jerez, Alonso spent one day being carried around by a crane (well, I don't suppose he did personally), and the next topping the timesheets. I wonder how the Renault will fare today, and whether they're getting some useful information out of this topsy-turvy performance?

That'll do it for now, but remember, don't be limited by anything written above. This is your space to share your thoughts, and while you do, I'll see you in the comments.

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