Daily: 17th June 2011

17 June, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Links are cool.

Thank you, Doctor. Who is that man? Why, it's Giggles! Doctor Giggles, that's Who. No, it's giggles, that's Who. Who is Giggles? Yes. Yes he is.

What a great way to kick off a Friday, right? You can even see how Doctor Giggles became the Doctor in this exclusive to DVD Daily extra of Giggles making that excellent contribution. Links are cool! Just look how cool these links are on this lovely Friday:

Paddock News

There's nothing wrong with using Hedgehogs - Peter Sauber yesterday had a bit of a defensive moment for his choice of Pedalo over Gutierrez at the Canadian Grand Prix as people are still well confused why the reserve driver wasn't... well, a reserve driver. Maybe Peter feared he'd become a reverser driver falling backwards down the grid. Seems experience was the name of the game and you can't get much more experienced than Pedro's 36 returns to competitive F1 racing.

That's quite the graduation you've got there - You can't get much cooler than this for a placement whilst being a student. Matt Cruishank here is doing a year placement with Red Bull and may even get a place with the team following it, I assume he has to impress the team with an inane task and then go into a boardroom where one of them will get fired /siralan. I mean, it is very cool though and a sign of what the F1 in Schools program is indeed doing for the sport in reaching out to the younger folk with their hippety hop.

Watch out Bernie, he still crashes into people defending positions - Of all people to come out and defend Lewis the Ecclescakes of the Bernie variety has told people to lay off Lewis for encouraging overtaking and doing what the fans want. There's no doubt Lewis is constantly wanting to win races and overtake wherever he can but probably be alright if he didn't go calling his colleagues stupid and being like a kid sometimes. But, interesting words from the walking mop.


Maybe Christoper Biggins can unlock Biggin Hill - We have a new guest post contributer - welcome Daniel Shires! Huzzah! And what a fab way to kick off your Sidepodcast guest posting ways with an interesting collection of thoughts regarding the restrictions of the F1 archive down at Biggin Hill that Bernie seems adamant not to release to the world. There's some excellent points and comparisons to how other companies make the most of their archieve footage so give it a read, especially if you've seen Senna and enjoyed the footage included in it.

So many pixels I may turn into a pixie - Man, this is pretty damn cool. Have you ever wanted to see Sevilla in about five billion megapixels or something? OK, so it's 111 Gigapixels, and giga is like even more mega than mega, it's double mega and 11 is triple 11 kind of so that must mean this whole thing is absolutely triple mega awesome. That makes sense to me. But check out the incredible detail you can see on this panoramic view of Sevilla as well as how cool 111 gigapixels are!

I believe Williams started in the exact same way - if like me you're an absolute sucker for management games like Sim City or Rollercoaster Tycoon and are a fan of iOS games, you may know of the brilliant Game Dev Story on iOS and Android. The guys behind that fantastic little title, Kairosoft, have brought out totally out of nowhere Grand Prix Story! Awesome!! It's only currently on Android right now and there's a free Lite version available to give it a try but yay for a simple but addictive racing management game!

Itsy Bitsy Links

Time to chuck together some little bits to end Friday on, because links are cool. Doctor Giggles says so.

Do you fancy trying to win a trip to the next FOTA Fan Forum to frolic in the fun of the forum? Fantastic! Send in a question to the email in Joe's post and you might be there pointing and laughing at James Allen. As for me, I've been really getting back into Smashing Pumpkins lately especially Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness which is just a sublimely made album and probably their best in my humble opinion. What music are you guys digging at the moment? Feel free to share in the comments. The BBC have an article just trying to work out just what on earth Bohemian Rhapsody has going that makes it so love, my thinking is that it's just so awesome that the human mind can't comprehend what makes it so magical. Finally, what if numbers actually had character? Totally digging the bumblebee for 0 and 5's Mr Duck but not so sure about the leek for 4!

That'll do me for another week I think. Have a lovely day and hopefully the weather will cheer up a bit and we'll all have a fantabulous weekend too. Good luck to Kat who is awaiting the arrival of Baby Giggles to the world at any moment too! If the above video is anything to go by, he's in for a fun ride. I'll see you guys in the comments.

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