Daily: 17th February 2011

17 February, 2011 at 00:00 (GMT)

By Alex Andronov

Um... er... Oh Hi!

I wasn’t actually expecting...

I mean I know we discussed you coming over here today, you know, kind of vaguely and everything. But um... I mean, if I’d known you were coming I’d have baked a cake, or at least bought a cake, or at least thought about buying a cake. You know... But um... Yeah so you’re here! Cool!

Hey everyone, guess who just arrived, hey everyone say hello! Come on! I know we might not have been expecting them an’ all but isn’t it super great that they stopped by? I know I think so. So everyone say hello to our super newest latest friend.

If you’re wondering what on earth is going on at this point, can I just say, on a personal note, and I really mean this, I am sorry for any confusion that may have been caused, your visit is important to us. Actually really important.

Hello new person, pull up a seat, get comfy. Lets introduce you to everyone. I’m Alex, I’m just kind of wondering around introducing you to everyone... Who else is around... Well there is a way to find out go and visit the realtime page. And there will usually be people around talking about all manner of things. We were talking about ice for about 20 minutes yesterday! I know! Go figure! And most people didn’t even know they were talking about ice!

So who else have we got around at the moment. Well that’s Lukeh sitting over there and he’s reading an article about Arrested Development.

Christine was cooking earlier, yeah I know I was talking about cake and that’s made you hungry, there really wasn’t any cake, sorry. But Christine did make a lasagne, but I think that’s all gone too. I’m sure you could go and ask her about it though. Christine is over there, on the ball, yeah, she’s just written an article about how Renault have decided that Nick Heidfeld will be super subbing for Kubica.

And do you see that guy next to Christine furiously reading? Well that’s Mr C. He’s married to Christine and... Well lets put it this way, Christine writes quite a lot so you’ll often see Mr C reading just to keep up. He’s pretending that he’s reading the article Christine wrote about how Pirelli have decided on which tyres they are going to use in their early races but actually I can see that he’s still on the one that Christine wrote even earlier about how McLaren’s simulator works. Oooh I can see in the comments that he’s finished reading now, and he’s written a comment about Simulator Fights. You’ll like him he’s funny like that. Oh now he’s stopped reading Christine’s post as he’s noticed how Autosport are accidentally advertising arch rivals Motorsport on their website

So who else is in? Well Amanda is over there saying Spanish phrases out loud, she’s learning Spanish and bringing us all along with her. We call her classes Spanish Wednesdays.

And oh look there’s Steven Roy. He’s reading about how Lewis Hamilton’s brother is going racing soon. See there’s lots of reading and talking going on... But actually everyone is super friendly. And these are just the people who are around when I was writing this post. There are tons of great people, I won’t list them because then I’d accidentally miss somebody out but trust me there are masses.

I can imagine it can be quite daunting though sometimes. Sometimes, I imagine it must seem like everyone knows all of the answers about what’s going on. But honestly everyone here is nice and would love to hear what you have to say about F1.

And if you’re stuck all you need to do is check out the wiki it has all of the answers you need.

And look people don’t know everything, here’s a list of questions that even the regulars will have to look up at least some of the answers in the wiki.

  1. How many shows of the Debrief have there been?
  2. What did LCLT stand for?
  3. When did Sidepodcast start?
  4. On what page of F1 Racing (April 2009) was a picture by Mr C featured?
  5. What interrupted an interview with a caller in August 2008?
  6. In which magazine did this advert appear?
  7. Don’t look... How do you spell Christine’s surname?
  8. What was Mr C’s first Fantasy Racing Team called?
  9. Who is the grandson of the sister of Alfredo Pian?
  10. How do you do one of those quote reply things in the comments?

We’d love to hear from you, and we’ve all got something to learn. You might not know how the commenting system works, but we don’t know about your great opinion about flexible rear wings or whatever it is that is buzzing around in your big brain. We would love to hear from you. We won’t bite honest.