Daily: 17th February 2009

17 February, 2009 at 09:28 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

So far, we have all the signs of a slow news week, but as it is only Tuesday, things could soon pick up. Most of the stories we heard yesterday were speculation and rumour - but when has that ever stopped us?

  • USF1 suggested they would love to test Danica if she was interested, mostly because she generates a lot of press. Okay, that's not the biggest compliment in the world, but if she were to line up on the grid - how competitive would she be? Who would she be on a level with, and would she be able to win?
  • The Honda rumours continue apace, with first Petrobras coming out to dismiss the Senna backed contemplation, and then Grandprix.com suggesting that Richard Branson would be bringing his Virgin brand into the mix. As of yet, we know nothing concrete, and I know there are many getting frustrated with the lack of actual news.
  • Meanwhile, the confirmation from ING that they will be pulling out from F1 completely at the end of this year has cast doubt over Renault's future. Briatore says the cost cutting measures will keep the team in the sport for a few years yet, and Bob Bell has predicted a good, strong few races to start this season off with. If they win, things should be fine, but if the start of the year is anything like 2008 - the bosses won't be happy, will they?

That'll do for now. There'll be some testing updates from Bahrain, no doubt, although I have to admit it's not quite as exciting now they're actually getting some running in. Nevertheless, I will see you in the comments.

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