Daily: 17th August 2011

17 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hey guys, how has your week been so far?  Are you enjoying the F1 ‘summer holiday’?  If you are missing your fix of F1 action, I may have some links to help tide you over…

…Firstly, in honour of the awful way in which the Indycar race was conducted, I have found a video full of Safety Car Fails.  Indycar isn’t alone, it seems!

Staying with American racing, when the NASCAR finally got going at Watkins Glen, it had a great finish.  Those barriers look mighty close to the track for my liking, but apparently they can get away with not installing SAFER barriers because of costs, something which I am sure wouldn’t happen in F1.  Pippa Mann probably wishes they had though…

Mercedes have released a making of video of the ‘Decision’ advert – I never realised that Nico and Michael never were in the advert at the same time!

Finally, the amazing Hoonigan Ken Block has just released Gymkhana 4 – which is a bit heavy on the CGI but it’s still awesome.  Click here for almost 10 minutes of hooning in HD!

But what’s been happening in F1?  Well, check out Christine’s Tweets of the Week as well as her Driver and Team Rankings – needless to say, things are a little quiet right now.  Renault have made a cartoon about the summer break and also sponsored Norwich City FC – wonder if both will still be around in the top flight come next May? ;)

James Boyle has a great post comparing the 2014 Engine Regulations to those of the last Turbo Era.  While I think it’s great they are changing the rules so that new manufacturers could be persuaded to join, I don’t think the new engines will compare to those fire-breathing monsters!

Leigh has a quick summary of all the other motorsport goings on over the break, while Victoria has been making F1 Cupcakes – very yummy, apparently.  I wonder which one was quickest from oven to plate to mouth?

Tommy over at WTF1 has collected the best of the #ifFOMcoveredfootball tweets and some great pictures showing what it would look like – very amusing and well worth checking out!

Here’s a slightly disheartening piece about why car magazines don’t always have original and unique content.  Aww…

As promised last week, I have been uploading all my photos since I went on holiday in July – there’s quite a few pics and I am far from finishing them, so check out my photostream, and in particular my photos from the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix and Egeskov Castle Classic Car and Motorcycle Museum.  If you love Vintage and Classic Cars, you’re in for a treat and they were both great days out!

Finally, here’s a lovely little video for you.  Now, where I am from (Wellington, NZ), it hardly ever gets cold enough to snow in Winter.  But last weekend, for the first time in 15 years it actually did.  One film maker was lucky enough to capture the moment when the snow started falling in the central city and caught it on film.  It’s a really lovely video and it’s full of happy people, so sit back and enjoy it, and I’ll see you in the comments :)

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