Daily: 16th September 2011

16 September, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Hello fans of Friday and welcome to another daily filled with plenty of stuff here, there and everywhere to try and make your Friday a good day. Did you know that it was on this day in 1400 that the last native Welshman was announced as Prince Wales? Don’t you worry, Owain Glyndŵr, it won’t be long until I’m Prince of Wales. Although there’s a pub around the corner called the Prince of Wales, maybe that’s a more achievable target. Onto the links!

Then the Prince of Wales!

Paddock News

I Can Sing a (Pirelli) Rainbow – They’ve only been in F1 1 a year and they’re already looking to cause havoc by shaking up all the tyre colours in a multicoloured mayhem moment, like a 5 year old angry at not being allowed to use the felt tips. It is definitely as dramatic as that. But yes, Pirelli are looking out for ideas for next years tyres and the colours they should have. I’ll go mad if they decide to get rid of the blue Inters for the sake of Inter Milan’s blue and black kit. Although, what about the F1 tyre colour song?! Damn you Pirelli. Also, I keep typo’ing their name as ‘Pirlo’ – that’s the wrong Milan.

Bernie Ecclestone, truly the Master of Puppets – I still can’t believe this news. There’s been a few surreal headlines over the years but Metallica headlining an F1 Rocks gigs is definitely up there for me. I think someone told Lars how rich F1 is and he wanted more, damnit, more! Still, least it’s someone different instead of the bog standard Beyonce/Black Eyed Peas/N Doobityz/East 17/B*witched or whatever the heck they have at these gigs. I for one would like to see Max Boyce headline an F1 Rocks gig.


T-Minus 7 Days and Counting... – It’s only 7 more days until the fantabulous F1 2011 is released on various consoles and I for one am just a little insy winsy ittie bit excited for it. As you can see on the link, expect plenty to read and watch today as not only is the first launch trailer for the game being released online today but also the fourth developer diary looking at the Season mode and how the Safety Car will be incorporated into the game. As well as that – from 2pm today the embargo will be released for the game’s reviews on gaming websites everywhere! How exciting. Bring on some virtual terrible driving. At least when I crash into everyone I can blame the Williams for being a bad car.

Give Up Doesn’t Exist in Alex Zanardi’s Vocabulary – It is impossible to not read the story of Alex Zanardi’s life since his horrific crash 10 years ago yesterday and not love this man to death. Honestly, the man is one of the most inspiration people I’ve witnessed over the years and this links shared about yesterday proves just how excellent Zanardi is. You definitely have to give it a read and find out about his plans for Paralympic success in London 2012. Pat’s also thinking of possibly heading down which is a wonderful idea. Who knew that one of the scariest crashes you could see, with Zanardi almost losing his life, could turn into a story like this? Totally inspirational.

He’s Jumped the Shark Twice! – This is totally unrelated to pretty much everything you’ll ever see but I’m so pleased that Henry Winkler was given an OBE yesterday, how awesome. I get that most people will see Henry and think of the Fonz, which is more than understandable, but for me he is the legendary Barry Zuckercorn from Arrested Development. But it’s not for his awesome acting, but instead because he’s a bit of a legend away from Hollywood too – going around the UK and showing kids that Dyslexia may be classed as a learning difficulty but it certainly isn’t a disability. He’s always seemed like a lovely chap, and I’m just delighted for him.

And Finally...

Oh, you want more? Ohh, go on then, it’s a Friday after all. Treat yourself to these little bits:

  • Every wondered what the original concept Playstation controllers looked like? Of course you did! Thank goodness for evolution though, some of them just look... wrong. So wrong.
  • This is actually one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in terms of someone creating a little model airport world, wow! Look how well detailed the littlest bits of the airport is! Model stuff fascinates me far more than it should...
  • If, like me, you are a big fan of the 21st century Lego that is Minecraft, you may be interested to know the 1.8 update is now available with a HUGE update of stuff. You must check it out!
  • And now for the absolute worst and most blatent bit of football diving I’ve seen, deary me indeed. How on earth could anyone seriously think they’d not get away with that?!

I think that’ll do. Let’s wrap off another day of awesomeness with a decidedly awesome video thanks to the drumtastic nature of Dom Howard’s ability to drum and Chris Wolstenholme’s ability to Chris Wolstenholme. My brain can barely contain the dangerous levels of awesome that follows – enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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