Daily: 16th May 2010

16 May, 2010 at 00:08 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Wohoo! It’s Sunday at last, which can only mean one thing... it’s time for the Monaco Grand Prix! I’m very excited, I mean, Everybody Loves Monte Carlo.. right? Yesterday’s qualifying was great fun to watch, and with an out of place Ferrari and plenty of traffic to annoy the drivers, the race may be just as exciting. Then again if it’s not particularly mind blowing and no one runs to the podium, i’m sure all will be forgiven. It’s Monaco after all! I wish I could stop with the Monaco talk but there is no where better for Formula 1 to celebrate its 60th Birthday. While everyone at the track enjoys the sun, sea and shockingly loud engines sounds, what can we do?

  • Well... Alex from Get Jealous.com is of course in Monaco this weekend and seems to be having an amazing time, please take a moment to catch up with his latest adventures. His photos are equally brilliant, what an experience!
  • Sticking to the theme of photographs Axis of Oversteer is also in Monaco this weekend and has taken some brilliant photographs using a tilt shift lens. If you’ve missed them, or would like to marvel at the amazing results of tilt shift then photos can be found here. In addition to this Axis has also posted a blog about his day which is well worth checking out.
  • The wonderful commentary team of Crofty, Ant, Holly and Jason, otherwise known as 5livef1, have been, as usual, working hard this weekend to provide brilliant coverage for us back at home. Their pre race podcast is available, and well worth listening to – who doesn’t want to hear what happens when they are let loose in a casino! To accompany the podcast producer Jason has been taking some great behind the scenes shots for us to enjoy. This is my personal favourite.
  • Of course, if you’re not keen on watching the race tomorrow, or get bored there are other races you can watch. Everybody’s favourite, Franck Montagny, will be racing in the Superleague Formula race tomorrow at Assen in Holland. I’m sure we’ll all be keeping our eyes and ears pealed for any information about his progress.

I’ll leave you with a reminder that Giggles radio returns this week with the letter ‘O’ so there is plenty to keep you occupied today. Have a lovely day everyone!

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