Daily: 16th March 2011

16 March, 2011 at 00:14 (GMT)

By Gavin Brown

Hello.  Wednesday again!  Not long now until the season starts, so as the teams are packing up and shipping out to Australia, there isn’t much in the way of news.  I do have some good links for you however ;)

Today’s Link-tastic Goodness

So… Let’s start with the Senna Movie.  James Allen announced that there will be a special London Screening in May on behalf of the Grand Prix Mechanics’ Trust (who he is a patron of) that will include “…some of Senna’s mechanics, engineers and closest paddock friends will be there as will some well known faces from F1 past and present.”  I am very keen to go, costs permitting.  Meanwhile I have been recruited by Asif Kapadia (the director) to contact the local distributor to see if I can help get it released in Denmark.  Wish me luck!

Charlie Whiting has written to F1 pass holders about the new adjustable rear wing system.  Pat sums it up best: “They confirm the rules of the DRS / ARW (have we sorted the TLA yet?). To be honest there's not much we didn't already know, but what is now confirmed is that the TV people will be sent a signal so viewers will know who's activated their wing.”

If KERS and the moveable rear wing still confuse you, why not let Mark Webber explain it, in awesome HD :D

Speaking of HD, have you seen this BBC promo for the HD coverage yet?  Or these fantastic fan-made F1 posters?

Speaking of fans, Eimze shared some great insight into how the drivers acted during F1 testing in Barcelona on Christine’s Driver Rankings.  While we mention it, why not check out her Team Rankings, Tweets of the Week and a great F1 Big Picture bundle from testing.

ESPN F1 are launching an app and Karun Chandhok will be writing for them.  I hope he gets back into an F1 car soon though.

Pat’s got his TMR post up for the week and as it’s Sebring, MotoGP and NASCAR this weekend there are plenty of drivers to choose from.  Every now and then I will write a short post with some graphs that show interesting data from the game – But I am going to try and pick ex- or current F1 drivers just for a laugh.  Speaking of which, Christine has a small update on IheartFranck ;)

I am going to blow your mind now.  With all this talk of Brian Cox, sidepodspace and awesome TV programmes, I have found an interactive Scale of the Universe tool.  Pretty cool huh?

How about something lighter, like Star Wars told in an Iconoscope format? Some would even argue the acting is better – the characters are at least two dimensional ;)

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost probably love Star Wars – so they tried to make their own version.  Shame they only managed one scene (note there is a bleeped out swear word at the end)

If Facebook had been invented in the 1970’s, I wonder if it would have looked like this at all?

Mario has been with us since the 70’s – and over the years, the sadistic folks at Nintendo have been thinking of some rather creative ways of killing him!

These pics from an expedition to a lava lake are so cool – I love the colours!  The team that did this are bonkers though!

WHOsdays are back and this time it’s the turn of the Brigadier.

As it’s “Hump Day”, you are probably feeling lazy.  Here’s the best way how to do it

Monday was Pi Day, and the Lego a Day blog had an awesome pic to celebrate!!!

Finally here’s a cool new version of the video game of Micro Machines – except you make the circuits.  Could this be the next step for devices like the Kinect, perhaps?

So that’s all from me – have a great day and see you in the comments! :)

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