Daily: 16th June 2010

16 June, 2010 at 00:05 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hello Wednesday, it’s Gavin writing the daily for you yet again. But it's not any old Wednesday - it's Christine's birthday today!

So Happy Birthday Christine, hope you have a Francktastic day ;)

What's been in the news lately?

  • In F1 news, it's been a bit of a quiet day, but there have been a few stories worth mentioning. The first is the news that Mercedes are not giving up on their 2010 car. Or their drivers, it seems...
  • Korea's track construction is on schedule. Well that's nice. Let's just hope that there will be a Korea when the raceday comes...
  • James Allen over-analyses a Victory Photo of the McLaren team, taken by his mate Darren Heath. I think it's a bit of a fluffy piece and you can't read too much into it. What about you?
  • Finally, the man from Del Monte (thanks Pat) says that the F1 race in Montreal was a success and that it caters to "...a more traditional market" of F1 fans. What, like normal people who like decent racing in a place where there's an atmosphere and passionate fans?
  • In sportscar news, it seems that both Anthony Davidson and Radio Le Mans are trying to clear the air over the incident with Oliver Gavin's Corvette at Le Mans. Anthony notes "...I hear the radio commentator here was a bit harsh on me..." - Yeah, I think he was. Check out this funny pic and be sure to tune into Midweek Motorsport at the usual time tonight as Ant will be appearing live on the show. I for one will be very interested to hear how that one goes!
  • In World Cup news, New Zealand managed a last minute goal to scrape a heroic draw with Slovakia, F1Wolf's team. Yay to the All Whites! In the other games, the Ivory Coast and Portugal game was a snooze, while Brazil vs. North Korea surprised us all - scoring near the end of a tight match where Brazil 'only' won 2-1. Have we seen the shock of the tournament already?

Well that's all from me - lots of football to look forward to today, which there will be a breakout thread for later on. Remember to check out Soccernet for awesome live stats and other useful info. Have a wonderful day and see you in the comments!

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