Daily: 16th July 2010

16 July, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Hello once again one and all, it's a Friday so that must mean it's my time to write up a daily and spread the good word to you all with some awesome links and some fun times for all to share. It's not been an excellent week for myself so I've decided to make today a Feel-Good-Friday for all to enjoy! Yay! There was quite the spectacle last night as Giggles and Christine had a game of Guess Who? over the internet to some success! Fantastic stuff! RG even has a great Wiki Page for this epic new championship. Onto the bullet points now though and wads of information to hopefully make your day.

  • Plenty of Formula 1 news came flooding into our feeds yesterday from allsorts of angles. First off, is this the end of the Red Bull story with Mark Webber or are we merely closing Chapter 2 of this story? They say that everything is settled in camp but we'll soon see just how true that is. Toro Rosso had plenty to celebrate by resigning their up and coming drivers Tim (Jaime Algeursauri) and Sebastien Buemi for another year, a move I feel perfect for the two drivers in having a secure drive and a chance to boost their experience. More news from the US as the Austin organisers for the United States GP have been talking up their plans and excitement for their future race. Seeing as Tilke is behind the track plans, let's hope it's more Turkey and less Abu Dhabi!
  • Of course, here at Sidepodcast we got the shock of the year in a massive tournament that is currently taking place. The World Cup is so last week, and now everyone should focus their attention upon the fantastic Character Cup 2010 that is taking place! The first match proved a massive shocker as Fernando Alonso did an Italy and went crumbling out of the tournament in the first round after a loss to Vitaly Petrov. Quite frankly I'm amazed that Petrov won but fair play! Today's match sees Sebastien Buemi facing Nico Hulkenburg so make sure you head over and vote! Well the panini-sticker collection NOOO howler from Switzerland get your vote or will you decide that the Valencian-barrier kicking Williams man deserves to go through?
  • And now for some epic brief Twitter news. You may have heard of a certain driver-commentator-Richard/Judy-legend around these parts by the name of Anthony Davidson. This miniscule legend of a man is a favourite to many you see, and thanks to the power of social networking and persuasion no doubt from the 5 Live F1 crew, Ant can now be found on Twitter! Woohoo!!! Make sure you follow him as I'm sure he'll have plenty to talk about when he gets to grips with the service... do you think Ant can say something in just 140 characters? I'm sure his sparring partner on the mic and other half of the duo Crofty will get him into it anyways.
  • We're just over halfway in the season now, so how are you enjoying F1 so far this year? For me it's been a pretty enjoyable season personally, so yesterday afternoon I decided to take a look at my race reviews from my blog and have another look at the races so far and how I've analysed them. In general the results are quite positive and I remembered how to use Excel again so a win-win situation I reckon! Do take a read though and feel free to post your opinions on the races we've had so far in 2010. Also remember to take a gander at leigh O'Gorman's excellent recap of his day at Silverstone as it's really fantastically written and worthwhile to spend your time checking it out, especially in the way Leigh has decided to tell his story. Love it!!
  • One very quick final thing for those who enjoy their simulation racing - you may be interested to know that if you own Forza Motorsport 3 you're now able to download the new McLaren MP4-12C super-duper-Ronspeak roadcar for the game. It does cost a few pound as it comes with a few other cars but if you fancy racing it in your game on the Xbox 360 then it's there waiting for you! Whilst on the subject of the 360, if you've played games on it then I'm sure you'll know about the Achievement system in all it's games (and the amazing sound it plays when you unlock one!). Achievements are just a way of getting replay value and that extra incentive into playing games and doing more than you'd normally do and it's a fantastic system that was explained and discussed into how they work yesterday evening from the Microsoft engineers. It's a very techy article but for those into that kind of thing I found it quite fascinating to understand how they get this quite vast system working quite well and the choices made along the way. PLINK!

I think that's enough for today, guys. It is the final day of the week before another weekend so remember to take it easy and enjoy yourselves. The weather isn't so nice in the UK so what better way to spend your day than to follow the many links included and indulge yourself? Head over to the Sidepodcast Wiki (which has been renovated and rehoused without the need for Nick Knowles, may I add) for a bit perhaps, then go and check out my movie reviews on my blog if you wish, or even play some Rollercoaster Tycoon (as recommended by myself) and then you could just spent some time checking out the new Sidepodcast photos from an Audience with Joe. Most importantly though, remember to join us in the comments and we'll have an awesome day commenting into the weekend!

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