Daily: 16th December 2008

16 December, 2008 at 09:14 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Late again, oh well, I agree with Lou who said the day only starts when you wake up anyway. That should get me out of it this time. There seemed to be an entire discussion going on yesterday about ways for "me" to conceal his identity in public, including dressing up as a giant panda, as the Stig, and bizarrely, as Batman. Please feel free to continue this discussion, as it does make me chuckle. However, in Formula 1 news:

  • Two tests got underway yesterday. Ferrari were at the Algarve, although Massa only did a couple of hours running before retiring - feeling ill. Poor lad. At Jerez, Buemi was the star again, only this time for Red Bull. When are we going to be able to compare the cars a bit better?
  • Hockenheim has called for government help, are they likely to get it? And South Africa has said there's no way they'll be ready for F1 before 2011. Can Bernie wait, or will he move on?
  • The Trulliometer has swung upwards with the Italian saying that he's going to get a win with Toyota this year. His reasoning? He can just feel it. How long before we get the opposite from him though?

More testing will continue today, so we'll be keeping our eye out for any pictures of those 2009 spec wings. Let us know if you find any, and if you've got anything else to share, please feel free.

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