Daily: 16th August 2011

16 August, 2011 at 00:05 (GMT+01:00)


Let me tell you story of one Friday afternoon in the near future. Despite much hope going into the 2026 World Cup, my Argentina side promptly walked Group B, beating USA 2-0, and Australia and Czech Republic 3-0. This was followed by a comfortable 4-0 victory over Chile in the second round before a match against England in Monterrey. I had previously been sacked by England, so was looking for a bit of revenge over them.

It was looking good, right till Tim Hansen, the referee, decided to, wrongly, send off my left back Leonardo Torres in the 40th minute. From then on, I had no hope, England kept knocking, being denied by a brilliant performance from Julio Gorosito. And then, in the 86th minute, Paul Casey headed home to make it 1-0 to England. Despite a fantastic defensive performance Argentina were now down, typically, we would go on to hit the post in the 93rd minute. Out, despite my Argentina side being joint top scorers and having conceded only one goal.

Football Manager is a stupid game and I hate it. I can tell you now I will never play that idiotic and pointless game ever again.

What's that? Football Manager 2012 has been announced? With improved transfers and contracts? And scouting reports look like they've been done by Andre Villas-Boas? And it's out before Christmas? Where can I pre-order?

I suspect none of you care about that, but it was one way of getting into a link about the new Football Manager game.

Anywho, I have once again returned as a substitute daily writer as my days are currently revolving around doing very little and panicking about my AS results on Thursday. Your normal Tuesday (still not as good a day as Monday) writer, Simon, is in Edinburgh, being one of the key members of a production called Moll Flanders at St. Ninians Hall. There is still time for you to go and catch it if you fancy. And if you go on Thursday, you can do a double with that, while watching the mighty Spurs stutter against Hearts in the Europa League.

So lets have a look on the blog front. From Saturday we've seen a lot of blogs be a part of VivaF1's Swap Shop, and yesterday a further two posts went live. From myself, I wrote about about my second favourite thing in Formula 1, the backmarkers, and some of their very best performances for WTF1. While Gavin has wrote for VivaF1, asking how much we would all miss Formula 1 when it goes off to Sky.

In other things, Gavin has put up his images from the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, Lou has been making some rather lovely looking cupcakes and Alex asks, what is your favourite thing about Formula 1? An excellent question with so far, some very good comments. Do go on and join in.

Of course at the weekend it was the final golf major of the year, the PGA Championship at Atlanta, where virtual unknown Keegan Bradley beat off the unknown Jason Dufner in a playoff, after a spectacular collapse from unknown Brendan Steele. Dufner himself collapsed, after being 5 shots in front with three holes to play. This was all after Rory McIlroy managed to injure his wrist on a root of a tree, in the third hole of the first round. Foolishly playing on, coming well behind the eventual winner. Now, I'd hate to go all gossipy on you, but apparently there's something between him and Caroline Wozniacki. I'm surprised, I imagine Wozniacki would prefer Luke Donald, being World Number 1 despite never having won a major and seemingly on on top because he plays every week. It might be down to Donald being married, but I can't be sure.

And finally, while riders are being banned for tampering with silencers, I'll leave you with something showing speedway in a good light. This is the final of the 2011 Scandanavian Grand Prix in the Speedway Grand Prix, which took place in Malilla, Sweden. This features the second best Polish rider Jaroslaw Hampel (yellow), home boy and winner of the previous round Andreas Jonsson (white), Dane Kenneth Bjerre (red), and fiesty, punchy, young Russian Emil Sayfutdinov (blue). Sadly the commentators make it sound deathly boring, but trust me it wasn't. Sit back and enjoy.

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