Daily: 16th April 2011

16 April, 2011 at 08:39 (GMT+01:00)

By Amy Fulton

Good morning Heikki fans, welcome to a slightly late Heikki news. Has it really been four weeks already?

Since I last updated you the season has well and truly begun. Heikki has hit the track twice, and I was there to cheer him on both times. Unfortunately in Australia he retired on the 19th lap with a water leak, but successfully bought the car home in 15th in Malaysia after qualifying in 19th position. His team mate Jarno finished 13th in Australia so is technically leading him in the championship even though they’re both on zero points. I will not stand for this for too long! Many team members were positive about their performance after Malaysia and although I’ve missed all three practice sessions this weekend they appear to be doing OK. Twelfth or better Heikki, you can do it!

In Australia I was lucky enough to get a tour of the Team Lotus garage and after holding a piece of Heikki’s car for a photo, I would like to make it clear that the water leak was not my fault. Probably. I also learned from my tour guide Mabel that Heikki’s new trainer is a man named Adam. Never before have I sourced my Heikki news from directly inside the team!

Off track Heikki spent a bit of time in Kuala Lumpur before coming to Melbourne, and then headed straight back there for the two weeks before the Malaysian Grand Prix. While he was there he tweeted about Tutti Frutti icecream no less than three times! Driver endorsements must work because I had good intentions to try it while I was in Malaysia but never managed to stumble upon one.

Team CEO Riad Asmat also tweeted to say that the first person to spot Heikki in KL would win a team cap. It’s not often a team effectively gives the fans permission to stalk their drivers! That’s not a prize I’d ever win because I never approach anyone outside of the track. If they’re on their own time, I leave them alone!

Team Lotus ran a street demo of their car in Putrajaya before the Malaysian Grand Prix, if you haven’t watched the excellent video the team released, you should go do that now! Watch some other videos on the channel while you’re at it, they’re all brilliant.

Before taking to the track in Melbourne Heikki had to do the FIA post concussion test as a result of his accident at the Race of Champions last year. Obviously he passed so that was good news! David Croft mentioned on his 5Live commentary in Malaysia that he had talked to Catherine about the accident and she told him it took her eight weeks to recover. I hope this won’t stop Heikki from coming back to the RoC this year! This year's event will be held in Frankfurt, Germany on the 3rd and 4th of December.

Also in Melbourne, Heikki attended an Air Asia signing in the city on the Thursday before the race. That’s the same Air Asia tent where I entered their Uberfan competition. If you missed that news (this is where Heikki news briefly becomes Amy news), I won! Air Asia will be flying me to Korea to watch the Grand Prix with Team Lotus. I suppose none of the other entrants can lay claim to writing a monthly blog about what one of the teams drivers has been up to! Unfortunately I won’t be sitting up this end of the plane.

Time for me to end my Heikki news because qualifying is about to start and thats always a good reason to drop everything you’re doing. I shall leave you with what is obviously the greatest picture of 2011. Legendary.

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