Daily: 15th May 2011

15 May, 2011 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Alex Andronov

Congratulations to Jedward for winning Eurovision*

Guess what it is my second daily in only a few days... You go 4 weeks without a Giggles Daily and then two show up! It's like Formula 1 cars in the Red Bull Pit Box thanks to Jenson... Joke! It was an easy mistake to make... Sorry Lou... I'm covering for Lou who is helping out a sick friend and so I better be nice and not mean to Jenson... Jenson is lovely don't you think?

I mean look...

Lovely Jenson

Credit: Lou Johnson

Lovely Jenson

Sadly there wasn't any F1 news today so there aren't any links really...

So I thought I better bake something up myself... So here it is... The Sidepodpie


Credit: Alex Andronov


I made it today it was chicken, bacon and leek inside. It was very nice :)

Hope you have a great day, if you are worried about a lack of links I have this site for you called google.com. It's really good, you can type anything in and stuff comes up.

If you are bored though in a post Eurovision funk... Why not join us at 4pm for 1983's Giggles Radio show! It will be great to see you.

* If Jedward did win this joke won't work as well.

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