Daily: 15th June 2010

15 June, 2010 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Marilene Riddle

Another sports-packed day is up ahead as the World Cup rolls on. The group of death is up ahead so the action should be good. But first and foremost, let us return to what has been happening in motor sports and our beloved Formula One:

  • KangarooTV's podcast still cannot compare to the high standard that Christine and Mr. C has set.
  • Virgin Racing is probably the most fan-friendly F1 team, giving RG's new team championships a shout-out on Twitter. That definitely deserves some Christine points.
  • And talking about Christine points, her rankings are up and Timo continues to pip Karun to the top spot. How will Karun fight back (especially when Timo shares pictures of delicacies)?
  • Tweets of the week makes a return. Do share any others that you find interesting!
  • Allan McNish's Le Mans diary has been updated with his view of the Audi dominated podium. Previous parts can be found here.
  • Motor sports on land may be fast and furious, but motor sports on water is no easier. Here are the F1 teams giving boat racing a try. Which reminds me of a certain Finn's exploits on motorboats...
  • The credit crunch hits everyone. Even the great Ferrari.
  • PINGs: Leigh, Chris Hughes, and Joe Saward
  • Alex has managed to lead the cookie monster astray by making it giggly. Oh no.
  • I am no expert (I prefer PC games) but the new Xbox 360 does look sleek. And the good news for those of you salivating over it is that you can go ahead and get one since it is out in the market.
  • The football on display yesterday was nothing compared to Germany's decimation of Australia, though Japan and Paraguay did put in good performances. But what is more interesting is the fact that F1 related teams triumphed over the ones with no F1 relations. Should Argentina, Portugal, the Africans and other Asian teams start worrying yet?

Finally, I should end with a reminder to keep breakout comments to the breakout threads. Mr. and Mrs. C have kindly kept Sidpodcast a rather organized group so far, so we really shouldn't mess everything up by commenting on the nearest possible thread rather than the appropriate one. We all have our lapses in concentration, but a little effort will go a long way!

There should be a football post today too, so I look forward to seeing you there (as well as here on the daily of course). ;)

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