Daily: 15th July 2011

15 July, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Oh, hello there. Funny seeing you round these parts! Thing is. I don't have the internet at the moment (thank you unnamed internet provider of whom are related to an F1 team) so this may be a bit of an odd Daily. It is me, Lukeh, I promise you. Luckily with these internet issues Christine has very kindly published this for me. Nevertheless it is of course Friday and all of this daily has been put together using a HTC Desire, 3G and a lot of patience. Hurrah!! So let's see what awesome there is to share today.

Exciting news from Robert Kubica as he wants to be back on the grid for 2012 and we're all hoping to see him there. He mentioned that it's as if the accident never happened to him so the sooner he gets back into F1 and carries on being awesome the better!

Elsewhere Adam Parr, Williams chairman, has decided to be a bit like Frank and be frank about how F1 needs to embrace the online world much more. Of course, he uses Rubens' awesomeness to signal just how easy it can be to bring mass exposure to the sport and quite right. Listen to the man, Bernie! Plenty of other Williams news and views in that article too, it's a nice briefing from Mr Not Quite Mr Williams But The Next Best Thing. Or, Adam. That is shorter.

Here on Sidepodcast, there was a wonderful little guest post brought to us by Sam Osbourne on how little Formula 1 quotes from it's illustrious history have gone towards creating some incredibly made prints. Some of these are so, so cool and it's well worth giving Sam's words a read on these. Plus they look incredibly stylish and I'm sure anyone with a soft spot for typography will love the stylish designs.

If you're a little bit fed up with Sebastian Vettel having a little bit of a lead in the championship then why don't you go and check out Mav's wibbly wobbly timey wimey alternative championships over at Viva F1? I guess it goes to show how being in an alternate universe can bring up different resu... oh, Vettel still isn't losing. Damn him! Excellent work though from Mav.

Congratulations to Muse's lead singer Matthew Bellamy too on the arrival of baby Bingham Hawn Bellamy into the world on the 9th of July, hurrah! Bing's name was announced by Matt for the first time yesterday and now he's a Daddy of Cydonia for the first time. Woohoo! I wonder if he had to properly 'search' inside himself for a name like Bing. I'm so sorry.

I wish I could include more but it's been a fair old challenge this week to get the daily posted. A fun one though I must admit as here it is, woohoo! Hopefully my internet will be fixed tonight and I shall see you in the comments.

Oh, and one last thing - I keep seeing that Fernando Alonso FIAT advert. Sadly. Why, Fiat, WHY?!

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