Daily: 15th August 2011

15 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Bridget Schuil

Hello Sidepodders! How are you doing? May I ask you a question? Let's suppose that you had a robot to wake you up each morning with a cup of tea/coffee and some kind of greeting that was less jarring than the traditional alarm clock noise, what would your noise be? More importantly, whose voice would you record to say it? (I'm excluding Andy Serkis as a possibility, because “Good morning, Preciousss!” is too creepy to contemplate)

There's no Formula 1 news. The Guardian was so desperate to post something F1-related, they wrote a dreary article about how the F1 track has ruined India.

Spencer Pumpelly and his co-driver won the GT class in the Grand-Am race at Watkins Glen yesterday. Spencer is one of my favourite tweeters, if any of you were wondering why I care more about him than the other drivers competing.

The next time I write a daily, I'll have F1 news for you, because Spa will have just finished. I await that day with baited breath!

Now a day I'm not looking forward to: the end of Eureka. For those who don't know about it, you've been missing out on the hilarious love-child of a cop show and a science fiction fantasy. We can be a tiny bit glad that SyFy and Universal have conceded to a single finale episode instead of Season Six.

Speaking of surreal science, scientists are experimenting with growing faces (well, facial cartilage) from stem cells found in the ear. It's particularly cool in light of the antibody cocktail that is being tested to prevent tissues grown from stem cells turning into tumours.

Finally, have you ever wondered why intestines are coiled the way they are? (I'd like to say “Great! I'm not alone here,” if that's fine with you. I hope I'm not alone, having spent hours interrogating Mum about it as a child.) As it turns out, it's just simple physics and researchers have made a model to demonstrate the concept

That's it from me for now, but I'll see you in the comments (in the morning. A touch of bronchitis is taking its toll, so staying up until midnight to chat to you when this goes live isn't a viable option, I'm sorry)!

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