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15 April, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: So that's what Vitaly drove over. No wonder it put Rory off...

Credit: Lukeh

So that's what Vitaly drove over. No wonder it put Rory off...

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new Friday for us, and I'm feeling good! Another F1 weekend is upon us and that awesome day that is Friday has returned just as expected but there's plenty of good stuff for us to go through today. As ever I direct you towards the ever fabulous Race Information thread for the Chinese GP for everything F1 this weekend, and StatesmanF1 has more fantastic information to share with you about the race too, but what about today? Well, at least Andy Murray has made it through to the next round of the Monte Carlo Masters so there's a good thing already! There's much more...

Paddock News

The Lucky Tale of Speedy Gonzales - The man who's already impressed many in the sport, Sergio 'Checo' Perez, had a pretty lucky tale to tell from his experience in Malaysia where he was forced to retire but now we know why - a piece of ballast had shot into his cockpit from another car! Excuse me whilst I deal with the whole mental-ness of this story because it's not only a little scary (think back to Massa in 2009) but it's a little bit insane that ballast managed to fly off a car! Luckily Sergio is alright and our favourite little Mexican (sorry Chicharito, you are awesome though) I'm sure won't let it affect him for China.

Bleepity Bleep - It's never a good idea to question Sebastien Vettel's reign over Mark Webber to the feisty Australian and once more Mr Marky has defended his chance against the World Champion and even got a bit sweary as well. I'm certainly not gonna use it on a family friendly website such as this but let's just say he thought the comparison of him to Eddie Irvine was a bit silly! Well it is really. I mean, Mark Webber is a nice guy for starters.

Joe's Bigger Picture of an already Big Picture - It's already interesting enough reading some of Joe's insights into F1 on his blog but this post particularly intrigued me as he looked at how the many teams that make up the paddock are going to change where me might not see it over the coming months. What also really took my interest was his views on Vijay Mallyah and his personal desire to be seen as the 'Mr India' of F1 rather than the boss of Force India. Furthermore, Joe posted a very, very interesting and totally geeky post about lap charts in the sport that the Excel-inclined of us should really give a read! Fantastic insight into the world of Formula 1 journalism, and more numbers than a Matrix wallpaper.


KERS you, stupid rules! - The Man with the Graphs is back again as Gavin returns with his always useful look at the numbers of F1, this time out studying the change in Vettel's laptimes and performance before and after his KERS problem during the Malaysian Grand Prix, and it's also interesting to see what can be analysed from the performance change. Of course, I can't forget to mention the fact Gavin's given Making up the Numbers a new lick of paint and an overhaul too without even visiting B&Q and spending any money, and it looks great! Jolly well done, sir.

Japan's Road to Recovery - One month ago you and I and many around the world watched on in absolute dread as that horrific 9.0 earthquake struck Japan and all we could do was watch and hope for the best. Of course, we all know that the Japanese public will come together as one community and this collection of photos from the Big Picture show just how things are going, some inspiring photos, some still dreadfully scary to see but all fascinating. Incidentally, do you remember this natural event exactly one year ago today? Hopefully this time round the F1 crew can get home easier!

A Google a Day keeps the Yahoo away - I found this earlier in the week, and it's something nice and new to do everyday which keeps it fresh - it's a Google a Day, where you get a little question or riddle to solve and you have to google the clues to find out the answer! For once in your life if someone suggests to you 'why don't you just google it to find out?' that is the actual point! Hurrah! Plus quizzes are awesome, even if this one makes me feel particularly stupid as I still can't work the questions out even after googling their clues. Damnit!

A Guide to Losing your Fans Immediately - Spotify Style! - It would be fair to say that I am most un-amused by this news from the online streaming chaps from Spotify as they have decided that from May 1st you can only listen to five free songs a month. Five. For a whole month. Five songs. Free. Month. ....For. A. Excuse me whilst I squeeze this stress ball the size of a volleyball! But in all seriousness, to me at least this is such a bad move for Spotify - whilst they're trying to encourage more Spotify premium sign-ups I can't help but feel that it's going to encourage people to go back to pirating music rather than embrace the fee. That's just how I feel anyways, maybe the change will work! Luckily, there are alternatives...

And Finally...

I'm in Stitches here! - These are brilliant, and I kind of wish I could buy one but I really shouldn't. Little pixel people all cross stitched and looking awesome! Maybe it's the whole stitchy-ness of them all or the little retro pixel design but they're just incredibly cool, especially the super heros and the Doctor Who one I now use for my Twitter profile picture. I just love them!

A Troubled Bridge over Water - If there's one thing that always catches my attention it's stuff that looks really surreal and quite bizarre to the human eye and these images taken from Google Maps and it's 3D maps function creates some really incredibly and quite surreal distortion of the bridges to quite some degree. Such a bizarre effect from something so simply but it's a really cool set of images. Love the wibbly wobbly bridges but I don't think I shall be using them any time soon, no sir!

And that's that for another week. Remember there's F1 on this morning in the early hours of BST or wherever you may be! If you're interested I've started up a brand spanking new blog I plan to work on quite a lot over the summer and yesterday I had a quick run down of Inception and Source Code through the means of Keanu Reeves, because that totally makes sense to me. For now though, once again I want to end on something quite summery and upbeat because we're going towards the summer and I'm in a very cheery mood so what better than Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks to end today's daily and hopefully make your day a little bit sunnier too. Have a fabulous day my friends, I'll see you around these parts.

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