Daily: 14th November 2008

14 November, 2008 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

If anyone's keeping track, I'm feeling much better now but the man has caught some of the germs. Of course, they are much worse, and more man-flu shaped than mine were, so everyone give him lots of sympathy today, if you find him in the comments.

It appears to be a bit of a slow news period at the moment, which would make sense, as we can't still be talking about Brazil, and we've still got a few days left before the next test.

Some topics are still resurfacing though:

  • Just what lengths will Canada do to get back on the calendar?
  • Is China really giving up on their race so soon? Low ticket sales or just too darn expensive?
  • Those drivers who will get a chance in an F1 car next week, including Bruno Senna, Takuma Sato and Giedo van der Garde. Didn't that guy break all kinds of contracts last time he was around? Why would Renault want that hassle?
  • Also noted in F1 Minute yesterday that Barrichello has apparently said it's either F1 or nothing for him. Are there any other motorsports he could try his hand at if he wanted to?

Of course, this is an evolving list and if there's anything you want to talk about, please don't feel limited by what I've mentioned here. Sidepodcast Daily is your place to discuss anything on your mind, and we want to hear about it, so get talking!

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