Daily: 14th May 2011

14 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Amy Fulton

Welcome to the ninth edition of Heikki News!

Since you were last updated we’ve had another two races and Heikki outqualified Jarno in both. This makes their qualy head to head 4-0 for the year. Excellent work Heikki! He finished 16th in China, which was ahead of a Sauber and a Williams! Unfortunately hydraulics issues meant he finished Turkey in 19th, but this was still ahead of both HRTs and the only Virgin that started the race.

Lotus seem to be a lot closer to the existing teams this year and I’m hoping the upgrade they’re bringing to Spain will help even further. Heikki is hoping so too. I’ve literally put my money (at 17:1 odds) behind him scoring a point this year, but perhaps I should be focusing in the short term on getting into Q2 instead. I remember that glorious day in Spa last year when it happened, it felt more Christmas than Christmas! That’s kind of a lie because I remember it happening but I couldn’t for the life of me remember which race it was and had to look it up just now. That’s pretty terrible considering I was at that race but clearly even being there is not enough to overcome the F1 sieve that is my mind. I’ve just been told it happened in Malaysia too. Worst. Memory. Ever.

Heikki has also relaunched his website with a new look. There’s some new items in his web store, so feel free to buy a hat for me, or for yourself if you prefer. He has a new logo for this year too and I’m going to be honest and say I have no idea what it means. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything? His website also has fantastic posts from Heikki himself mixed in amongst the press release type ones. I don’t check it as often as I should because I’m pretty bad at reading things unless someone tweets a link to it!

Off track Heikki has been doing some really excellent things. Along with all the drivers and team principals he has contributed to the You Are Connected charity app which is raising funds for Japan. If you have an Apple gadget I recommend you get it – it’s cheap, for a great cause, has wonderful photos, and I can confirm it looks fabulous on my iPad! Heikki’s message is one of the longer ones, it’s very sweet. It doesn’t stop there though, Heikki is also the first champion to join the World Health Organisation’s latest campaign for safer hospitals in South East Asia. This region gets more than its fair share of natural disasters and in these times of trouble their hospitals are often unable to provide the services the people desperately need. As part of the campaign WHO want 100,000 people to test their reaction times against Heikki’s before next week’s World Health Assembly. As I write 70,264 have tried and lots of people have beaten his time but I am definitely not one of them. My average reaction time was 0.405 seconds. Can you do better? Give it a go here.

There has been some fun off track too, not wanting to let him win two days in a row he beat Lewis at a game of golf in China, they played a whopping 27 holes! He then went to Finland to spend some time with his karting team. I love seeing drivers get involved in different levels of motorsport, it’s nice they remember where they started. Another F1 Podcast headed down to Duxford and watched him drive a Caterham recklessly on a piece of concrete which is a video worth watching. Heikki also dragged his rowing machine into his backyard to get in a workout in what looks like lovely surroundings. Catherine may not have been home at the time but she still made sure he was being careful! Closer to home Heikki has been propelled back to the top of Christine’s Rankings, where he belongs, by answering heaps of fans questions on his twitter page so if theres ever anything you've wanted to know, tweet him and you might just get a reply.

He’s been proudly supporting Finland in ice hockey and GP3 recently so I wonder if Heikki will be watching Eurovision tonight? I’ll be getting up at 5am to join in the live comments here and, due to my lack of being European and actually having my own nation to get behind I’ll be supporting Finland instead. Make sure you join us if you’re watching and let us know who you want to win because it’s scientifically proven that the Sidepodcast comments make any event even better! Even if you won’t be joining us, have a great Saturday and I’ll be back in four weeks with another instalment of Heikki News.

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