Daily: 14th May 2010

14 May, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

It’s another Friday and it’s another opportunity for myself, myself being Lukeh of course, to introduce this final day of the week before another weekend of Formula 1 action. Of course, what with it being Monaco this weekend we’re all in bizarro land and practise was actually yesterday instead of today. If you’re expecting practise today then, well, you may be a tad disappointed my friends. Still, it’s Friday! So what wealth of information do we have to discuss thanks to the power of the bullet points this week?

  • As I’ve mentioned Monaco has it’s practise sessions on a Thursday, with the results for Session 1 and Session 2 available for your viewing. Both were typical practise sessions – nothing remarkable to point out. Kamui Kobayashi managed to crash at one point of course, so normal service was resuming in Monaco clearly. Hopefully this weekend we’ll get a good race – the weather reports have continually hinted at rain so who knows...
  • Codemasters had the very kind nature in them to upload another developer’s diary regarding the development of their Formula 1 2010 game. The new diary studies the way that weather affects not only the track in the game but the car you’re driving and the AI drivers too looking for puddles and adapting to the climate. It looks like a remarkable weather system included in the game and has only made me more excited for the release of F1 2010 in September!
  • I have quite literally spent my week coding and coding for my penultimate assignment and it is driving me nuts. PHP should be renamed to SLIS – Silly Language is Silly. Although I prefer it to the horrid experience that is C++. Me and C++ get on like fire and ice. If PHP is Rubens being at Brawn then C++ is Rubens at Ferrari under Darth Schumacher, definitely. Sorry, I’m probably boring you now but I have a point to this coding malarkey – Mr C has been redesigning the homepage once again and it looks really lovely at the moment. It has a realtime button! So sweeeet! I heart that button and the fat hearts in the comments at the bottom as well.

Well that’s another Daily from yours truly, I hope I haven’t disappointed or annoyed. Remember to head over to my Formula 1 blog Gridwalk Talk after races to see what I feel races deserve to be graded and a report card for each race – one of my career aspirations is to be a teacher so perhaps I am making an ultimate combination there. Remember to also check out the massive achievement for Sidepodcast in reaching 3000 posts this week, something that blows my mind just staring at that number. Nevertheless, as ever it’s been a joy to write this and I hope to see you in the comment at some point today.

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