Daily: 14th March 2011

14 March, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT)


I'm afraid to say the start of this daily has been delayed because of a fox. Now Mr. Fox come on shoo off. No, no, don't run over there. Oi, foxy, get out of the corner, the door is open. Look, its outdoors, you like the outdoors don't you, don't make me come after you, I'll get there in a heartbeat don't you worry.

Oh great, now you are running all the way to the other end of the room, thanks, now you made all the commenters cheer you on. Hmph, in fact, you stay there, I'll carry on without you.

So, whats up in none fox related stuff. Formula 1, oooooooh, nothing.

WRC? Err, nothing. IndyCar, something about Rahal and winning, your Charlie Sheen reference goes here.

How about other sports? Well, there was no Premier League football, only four games of the FA Cup. I mean come on, did anything fun happen at the weekend? I mean, even the rugby was worse than it usually is (for those not in the know, that was a huge dig into rugby union, from a rugby league fan, go Thunder). But in the weekend's standout fixture, Gateshead lost to Darlington in the semi final first leg of the FA Trophy (Think FA Cup, but the big non-league teams get a chance to win it, somehow, 'heed and Darlo made it that far (that was another dig towards those two clubs (which is odd considering I technically support one of them (technically is a bit harsh, maybe more actual perhaps (maybe this is too many brackets))))). Anyway, Gateshead went 2-0 up, then promptly lost the plot and lost 3-2. But, that was the away leg and the home leg is still to come. Wembley is surely on the cards.

My favourite thing from the football though is this. Spurs hero Gareth Bale, his performances against Inter Milan. In the words of me, simply magnificent.

So, I tell you what has happened lately. Eurovision. I've put off talking about it in denial because of the simply gorgeous Yohanna and the Icelandic stupidity not to send her to Dusseldorf. But, 2 months (and one day) to go! Who needs F1, cos this is where it is at. And Blue has released their entry for the UK, and is, underwhelming. I predict an average 18th place finish, frankly, it won't be worse than the German entry. Still, my favourite is Sweden, Eric Saade with 'Popular'. I'm not sure what that makes me, but it sure fits in with my simply brilliant music taste. (Yeah, yeah, yeah Mr/Miss/Mrs Sarcastic.)

Of course, I wish all the best for the people of Japan, some of the images have been beyond belief.

Have a nice Monday.

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