Daily: 14th June 2011

14 June, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By James

Why hello! You've had a day to recover from the prolonged chaos that was Canadian Grand Prix, so hopefully you are all doing well. Lets not hang about and see what was going on yesterday:

F1 News

Non-F1 Stuff

  • As a Doctor Who fan have you ever wondered how River Song's timeline fits in with the Doctors? Well this is for you. It shows three timelines, the universe, River Songs and finally the Doctor's. Simply click on a tile and the timelines will match up!


  • With yesterday being Monday it means there are some new tweets of the week most of which are about the action packed weekend in Canada.
  • With today being Tuesday, it can mean only one thing its Rankings day! If you've seen anything you think a driver might deserves points for, now is the time to bring it to Christine's attention.

As I have done in the last couple of Daily Posts I shall leave you with a video, this time with Nico Rosberg and the Mercedes team explaining how brakes work:

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