Daily: 14th June 2010

14 June, 2010 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)


Aaaaand breathe. My oh my, that is what I call the perfect sporting weekend. In fact, did anyone notice what the weather was like? We covered literally everything here at Sidepodcast, from the F1 in Canada, to the Le Mans 24 Hours in... Le Mans to the World Cup in South Africa. Just fan-tastic. And there was more, rugby union, tennis, all commented on this very site. Shall we move onto the bulletpoints? I think we should.

  • Lets start with F1, just brilliant. Canada never fails to be amazing, and while it wasn't the same result as 2008 (I still don't like Petrov) the race itself was fantastic. As usual, Lukeh has his awesome recap of what went on. I have my look back on the new teams, which can I just say is looking like Richard Branson will be wearing that stewardess outfit. And I'd love to point out VIVA F1's Penalty page, which has a lot of writing under 'Canada'.
  • The FBFB made its return. Woooo! And it also featured added tables, which look awesome too. Highlights on the return can be found here.
  • Sadly, my interest in Le Mans ended when both Newcastle born drivers of Rob Bell and Warren Hughes retired. But it still went on without them and was apparantly a cracking race. I think we need to say a big well done to Alianora and other peoples who stayed up the whole 24 hours. You people are crazy.
  • This football thing is proving to be very popular. And even though F1 has sometimes clashed with the games, there's been enjoyment throughout. From the heroics of Siphiwe Tshabalala and the direness of France v Uruguay, we've covered it all. Shame it took till Germany v Australia before the first really great match of the tournament. Here is whats coming up today:
    • Denmark v Netherlands, 12:30 GMT+1 - The Dutch, my tips for the win. So you know they will fail.
    • Japan v Cameroon, 15:00 GMT+1 - Cameroon, or, that team who used to have Roger Milla.
    • Italy v Paraguay, 19:30 GMT+1 - The World Champions against a very good South American, could be game of the day.
    What a day. The Dutch and the Italians playing on the same day, God, I thank you. And this week sees the likes of Brazil, Spain enter the scene too. Awesome.
  • Speaking of Siphiwe Tshabalala, Mrs C has set up a dream team on the all new Sidepodcast Wiki. Not based on how good they are, but what they look like, sound like, generally everything other on how good they are. Names in there feature the mentioned Tshabalala as well as Peter Crouch and Miroslave Klose.

And thats it for today, another Monday comes around. For me, picked up the Most Man of the Match Award last night at my teams presentation. Which came as a big surprise to me, considering I thought I'd only had two all season. Not complaining. But, thankfully, last week of exams for me, sadly I miss the mighty Dutch and the terrifyingly good New Zealand, but after that World Cup all the way.

Like lou yesterday, just like to wish everyone in the middle of exams right now the best of luck, no matter what they are. Not a fun period at all, but, at the end of it all, there is a nice treat to look forward to I'm sure.

Have a nice Monday.

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