Daily: 14th July 2011

14 July, 2011 at 00:45 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Hello everyone, and a happy Bastille Day if you happen to be French (or particularly revolutionary). A very good excuse for wine, cheese, croissants, or pain au chocolat as Amy had.

I trust you are well. Sorry I missed my last Daily but I was on holiday and forgot what day it was - thanks to Supersub Steven for covering me. So.. where are we?

- A new F1 Debrief was released yesterday, do give it a listen.

- If you were waiting for the iPad edition of the F1 Minute app, wait no more! If you go there now you can hear what Karun Chandhok thinks about Vijay Mallya. Sometimes I think Karun should just take control of all of racing.

- Christine's booky wook is now available on iBooks. This stuff is alien to me so I've gotta admit I have no idea why that's different to what I bought before, it adds a menu and presumably opens it up to more people and more formats, and choice is a good thing!

Speaking of booky wooks, Stuart has written a fantastic post about Scuderia Ferrari's first win in the World Championship, which was at Silverstone in 1951, and it features excellent photographs from his current book. It comes as a nice change because the Silverstone race most focussed-on in this era is the Championship-beginning Grand Prix of a year earlier.

I'm not sure I like the term booky wook any more.

If you aren't familiar with Marshall Pruett of SpeedTV.com not only is he one of best motorsport journalists around, he is also a comedic genius. Take a read of his Rewind post for the Toronto IndyCar race, if nothing else read the part after the poll, and the award for Golden Bowling Ball over on page 2. Page 2 also features the Benny Hill highlights video which is hilarious, watch it if you haven't already (note there is one brief (funny) swear in it). I sometimes think the 'Benny Hill music on a racing video' gag is overused but this race is just perfect for it, especially the editing here.

Leigh has been mega-busy with his definitive Silverstone race report, as well as a little bit of news about the future of GP2 and the GP2 Asia Series.

I'll have race start times up on my blog tomorrow night, and don't forget to enter my little game (hopefully writing this here means I won't need to send reminders..?).


Did you see these gloves? Imogen Heap is trying to make music without using any instruments other than a pair of gloves with an accelerometer, gyroscope and more bits of tech all built into them, linked to a computer. Sounds and volume are controlled by hand gestures. Sadly this article doesn't have any video (or audio) of it actually working and I can't find any elsewhere either, I can't wait to see them in action.

Speaking of music, the Manics have released some live tracks from the iTunes Festival, but as you can imagine from the festival name, they are only available through iTunes. Hopefully they won't be edited for swearing as the live show apparently was.

I like to talk about the racing happening each weekend but as there isn't a lot among the 'top' series I'll just quickly mention them here:

MotoGP at Sachsenring; WTCC/AutoGP at Donington Park; GT1 at Paul Ricard; NASCAR at New Hampshire;

I think I'll be picking MotoGP. I nearly bought tickets for Donington but it is quite a long way to go for a depleted touring car field dominated by one team. In any case, instead of racing I may well be watching The Open Championships, for which you'll want to check RG's blog to hear about a new young talent in golf.

Enjoy your day, and have a great weekend.

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