Daily: 14th January 2009

14 January, 2009 at 09:25 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Having recovered from the sight of the Ferrari, we're now eagerly anticipating the Toyota launch. They're rolling out the TF109 tomorrow in spectacular online fashion. Apparently. Anyway, here's what's going on in and around the comments.

  • With the Toyota launch site looking suspiciously Batman-like, we're pondering what direction they're going to go with the launch. Apparently there'll be a blockbuster style movie trailer to enjoy tomorrow. Will Jarno be the leading man?
  • Webber has declared that his broken leg will be no excuse for bad performance in Australia. Apparently, he drove a road car for the first time last week, so his recovery must be going pretty well. His biggest concern is that he'll have lost some aerobic fitness, so look for him going for a jog as soon as he can.
  • Somehow, the subject of Webber turned into the subject of films, and Alex shared a link to test how much of a film buff you are. I scored abysmally, much to the shame of Flibster who scored over 90%. If you've got a few minutes, take the test, tick the boxes, and share your score in the comments.

Let us know what you're up to today, and if you plan to watch Toyota's movie trailer as soon as it's released, or if you can wait. Keep us up to date with any news developments and I'll see you in the comments.

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